Yoshinogawa Rokudan Jikomi

Yoshinogawa Rokudan Jikomi is another cool “Nama” (meaning raw) sake. This sake is actually Nama-chozo meaning “stored as Nama”. Usually sake is pasteurized twice, once before maturation and one more time before bottling (Nama-zume). A good way to remember the difference is that the “chozo” in Nama-chozo means store, so this sake has been stored or matured in its “Nama” fresh off the fune, raw form and then pastuerized right before bottling. Nama-chozo.

Now Nama-zume means “bottled nama” as the “Zume” comes from the verb tsumeru which means to bottle, so this was pasteurized before maturation and then allowed to mature and be bottled it its “Nama” form. The benefit of these half Nama variations is that you keep some of the lively, bold, out there, in your face flavors that you get from full Namazakes but they are more stable, last longer and those flavors a more subtle.

For the Sake itself on the nose it was lots of ripe tropical fruits with the usual suspects of pineapple and melon, there is also a bit of a parmesan aroma in there too. This tastes really clean, fresh honeydew throughout. Bright, clean and fun. You can pick this up from the Sake One Toji club http://sakeone.com and find out more at http://sakone.com/yoshinogawa. Dozo!

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