Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo


by Raul Faria

Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo is one of my favorite selections from the Toji club at Sake One. It is sent out to Toji club members and is available on their website around the holidays and I look forward to it every year. We’ve covered the Yoshinogawa Shuzou’s sake before at mixologymadesimple.com, like the Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior, Gokujo Ginjo and Rokudan Jikomi, the Golden Gourd Junmai Daiginjo is unique in both its striking bottle (check out the pic above, how cool is that bottle?!) and the fact that it is aged 3 years at low temperatures in an inert container.

Sake aging is not commonly done and represents a very small fraction of sake produced. They also do not age the sake like a whiskey or Scotch where they extract flavors from the barrels. Instead the sake is typically aged in inert containers or in the bottles themselves and the goal of this aging is to allow the remaining sake enzymes to transform the sake into something else, in the more dramatic examples of aged sake, or more commonly to allow the flavors to bind together to create a “rounder” sake overall. Check out my impressions below-

Yoshinogawa “Golden Gourd” Diaginjo

Aroma- Big pineapple right away on the nose with ripe tropical fruit, present stone fruit aromas as well with a bit of banana. Lots of fruity aromas here.

Taste- Big, lush, juicy melon with a velvety, silky texture.

Finish- Lingering melon with a detectable rhubarb note on the finish.

Region= Niigata  Rice= Gohyakumangoku  Seimaibuai= 40% 

ABV= 15.6%  SMV= +3  Acidity= 1.2

Be sure to visit the Sake One website to pick up your own bottle. This one is a limited yearly run so if you are interested in getting your own bottle you better get on it 🙂  You can also sign up for one of their sake clubs and have selections delivered to your door on a bi-monthly basis.



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