Wild Turkey Ginger Julep


by Raul Faria

Here is another fun winter drink that is a simple twist on the classic cocktail, the Mint Julep. All we are really doing here is adding some ginger flavor and tweaking our sweet to heat balance a bit. We will be serving this at Serendipity 3 over Thanksgiving weekend, but if you cant make it to the bar I’m gonna show you how to make one. This is a perfect Holiday cocktail that is super easy to make and is really, really tasty….maybe a little too tasty because we will be using Wild Turkey 101 and these things have the potency potential to sneak up on you. Let’s get our Holiday Party or Dinner started right with a Ginger Julep shall we:)

1) Lets get our bar tools and ingredients together. For this recipe we will need a mixing glass (no need for the tin because there will be no shaking today), a Jigger with a .5 oz and 1 oz measure, barspoon, Hawthorne strainer, a muddler and a 12 oz Collins glass. Our ingredients are equally straightforward, Wild Turkey 101, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, mint, ginger-ale, ice (that we will be crushing) and simple syrup. Optional tools for this recipe will be a “Lewis Bag” and a mallet.

2) First lets get our mixing glass out and get some mint in there. 8-12 leaves will do just fine. Set a nice sprig of mint aside for later.

3) Now lets add a 1 oz measure of the Domaine de Canton.

4) Lets add our .5 oz of simple syrup. Simple syrup is…well…simple to make. 50/50 sugar and hot water. I prefer a 60/40 ratio. You can also reduce this over high heat a bit to get a thicker texture as well. If you’re gonna be making cocktails or even sweetening your iced tea its good to have some on hand hanging out in the fridge. Pick up an empty olive oil and vinegar set at Bed Bath and Beyond, target or Walmart and use it to bottle your simple syrup. Try adding different herbs and spices to the simple mixture if you choose to reduce it, this will allow you to add different flavors to your cocktails. Box of crayons people!

5) Next lets get our muddler out and gently muddle the mint with the Domaine de Canton and Simple Syrup. You don’t want to grind the mint into dust here we are just pressing down firmly on the mint to release the oils inside the mint leaves. Thats how we get the good stuff, muddling too hard will lead to a bitter flavor. So again firm but not grinding. Press and turn. Afterother muddling add 1 oz of Wild Turkey 101.

6) Now that we have the mint, Domaine, Wild Turkey and simple syrup in the glass lets slap our Hawthorne strainer on our mixing glass and strain it into our Collins glass. This will keep the mint leaves out of our drink but keep the flavor.

7) Ice crushing time! Now we can do this two ways, the preferred method is to use a mallet (or clean meat tenderizer) and a canvas bag that’s called a “Lewis Bag” (if you know why its called a Lewis Bag leave us a comment and there’s a MMS t-shirt in it for you) or get your ice and put it in a blender and hit pulse until its crushed. Now the benefit to the Lewis Bag mallet combo is that the canvas bag will absorb the moisture and leave you with “dryer” crushed than what you will get with the blender method, and who doesn’t want to bash something with a mallet every now and then…especially during the Holidays. Once we have the ice, fill the glass all the way to the top. Grab our barspoon and stir until the outside gets super cold or preferably frosty.

8) After stirring the ice level should have dropped a little, that’s gonna leave us room to add another 1 oz of Wild Turkey 101( total of 2 oz all together), splash of ginger-ale and some more crushed ice so that it almost mounds over the top. Grab that mint sprig we set aside and give it a good smack either in the palm of your hand (which to some may seem as unhygienic) or smack it over the cocktail. This will activate those oils contained in the mint leaves and give us a fresh minty aroma. Now its drinking time!


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