Thyme for Tea


I may not look like a girl you’d expect to be taking tea in the afternoons, but there was a point in my life that I considered myself rather civilized.  That meant answering the phone with a vaguely British accent and taking on the affectation of afternoon tea.

I had a roommate back then who was always game for whatever my oddball passions of the day might be, and he used to be in charge of whatever baked goods we’d have on hand… the best of which were small lemon thyme biscuits.  The smell was amazing.  The taste was amazing.  I used to put my face right down in the bag of fresh thyme while he’d bake.  Absolute heaven.  Parmesan thyme biscuits, lemon thyme biscuits… my God, the lemon thyme biscuits.  I can’t even begin to tell you how good those were.  If any of you are looking to marry off a daughter, he’s still single and making lemon thyme biscuits.

So with the memory of lemon thyme and my old bachelor roommate in mind, I set out to create the Thyme for Tea.  You know, something civilized.

I’m familiar with Bombay Sapphire, and based on the flavor profiles I tasted when breaking down the botanicals in the gin, I concocted this mixture of lemon thyme syrup, white acai tea infused vermouth, lavender bitters and lemon juice.  Simple, simple, simple.  Light,fresh and perfect any thyme!

2 oz Bombay Sapphire gin 1 oz infused vermouth .50 oz fresh lemon juice .25 oz lemon thyme infused simple syrup 2-3 drops bar keep lavender spice bitters

Put all ingredients into mixing glass. Add ice and stir 25-30 times to well chill. Using a julep strainer, pour into large rocks glass and add an ice ball made with lavender infused water and edible flower frozen inside. (Also very nice served up with an edible flower floating as garnish)

To infuse the vermouth: use 2 tablespoons organic white acai tea per pint of vermouth. Allow to “steep” for 3 hours and then strain through a coffee filter. You can then put the vermouth back on the bottle and enjoy anytime.

I get my teas from The Little Candle Tea Comapany 3053 w. Craig road, ste E #110 North Las Vegas, nv 89032 (702)643-2828

To make the syrup: 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 1 bunch of fresh lemon thyme Bring all ingredients to a boil, stirring constantly. Allow to cool, remove the herbs, and put syrup through coffee filters or cheese cloth.

Ice balls are a little trickier. This is why I said you can serve it up as well. To make the ice balls: you will need a silicone ice ball mold (I got mine on, distilled water, edible flowers (brighter colors the better), and lavender spiced bitters. Add a few drops of the bitters into the water until you get a subtle floral aroma. Put flower into the mold first then fill with the water. That’s the ready part. Now for the tricky part. You need to freeze the ice VERY SLOWLY…this is the key to getting a clear sphere. I stacked things in my deep freezer so I had an even “shelf” in the center of but near the top of the freezer. Then you wait. Occasionally I used a pick to push the flowers back into the center of the sphere because as the water freezes the flowers move toward the top. This also helps to slow the freezing process.

Cheers! Wendy

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