The Nashville Lemon Sipper


by Raul Faria

The Nashville Lemon Sipper was my entry for the Las Vegas Cocktail Classic that was held at Surrender Nightclub during this years NCB show. I created the cocktail itself right around the time Jack Daniels first introduced Jack Daniels Honey and I put it on the menu at Serendipity 3. I was inspired by the Lynchburg Lemonade and wanted to create a fun, easy to drink summer cocktail. Lots of citrus and honey with a nice burst of effervescence from the Perrier and smooth Jack Daniels whiskey flavor to back it all up. Lets make one!

1) Lets get our tools together; we will need our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne Strainer, a barspoon, jiggers with a 1 oz, .75 oz and a .5 oz measure and a 14-16 oz chilled cooler glass. For our prep we will need a cutting board, pairing knife, citrus press, and a squeeze bottle. Our shopping list will include, Jack Daniels Honey, Southern Comfort, Limoncello, Perrier, Lemons (buy as needed, 1 lemon per cocktail), Honey, and Orange Bitters.

2) Start by getting our prep out of the way; begin with the Honey syrup, combine 50/50 water to honey in a pitcher or even the glass portion of our Boston Shaker and stir. Pour into a squeeze bottle or glass bottle for use later. Honey syrup is a great substitute for sugar or simple syrup in a lot of recipes. Next lets squeeze some lemon juice. Cut them in half on our cutting board and squeeze the juice into another squeeze bottle or glass bottle. Optionally you can run the juice through our double-strainer or fine mesh strainer to filter out the seeds and pulp. Finish squeezing and set aside for later.

3) Lets begin with our citrus element and add .5 oz of lemon juice to our mixing glass.

4) Now let’s add our sweet and add .75 oz honey syrup.

5) Time to add the star of the show, 2 oz Jack Daniels Honey. Jack Daniels Honey is pretty damn smooth so it makes a great chilled shot and I actually dig simply pouring over rocks and expressing a little lemon oil over it and dropping it in, pairs great as a side-car to a bitter IPA.

6) Add .75 oz of Southern Comfort. This is a controversial ingredient as once I tell people its in the recipe I will sometimes get what I call “the Jager effect”. The “oh I cant drink Southern Comfort” statement, usually due to an over indulgence of other booze but pinned on some shots of “Soco” they remember having amidst their barrage multiple beers and cocktails. Don’t blame the Soco people!

7) Next add .75 oz Limoncello. Limoncello is an Italian liqueur made from lemon oil. The best Limoncellos will capture that bright citrus flavor contained in the lemon peel. Bellini and Luxardo are really nice brands and you can also make this stuff yourself. You just need lemons, overproof Everclear, Sugar and water…and time. It will usually take about a week to make. Its easy enough to find some fun recipes online if you have the time if not check out your specialty liquor store or online spirits retailer.

8) Lets add 2-4 dashes of Orange Bitters. Fee Bros is a fun citrus forward option and Regans Orange Bitters will add some cool spice notes.

9) Now that we have all our ingredients in our mixing glass lets add some ice and shake! Slap our Hawthorne Strainer on our Mixing Tin and strain into our chilled cooler glass.

10) Top off with 1.5-2 oz of Perrier and give a quick, light stir. We just want to distribute the ingredients and not kill the carbonation. Next slice off some lemon peel and express some oil over the cocktail and enjoy!

Nashville Lemon Sipper– 2 oz Jack Daniels Honey, .75 oz Southern Comfort, .75 oz Limoncello, .75 oz Lemon Juice, .5 oz Honey Syrup, 3-4 dashes of Orange Bitters, Shake/Strain, 1.5-2 oz of Perrier, light stir, garnish with expressed lemon peel.


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