The Bad Girl Drink

by Raul Faria

Well, I was pretty pumped about this cocktail when I came up with it for a music inspired cocktail competition….sadly, Appleton Estates didn’t feel the same way. Some you win, some you lose, but still a damn good drink if you ask me. The competition was fun to participate in and the cocktails the other mixologists came up with were really fun. Check out for more on the remixology competition. The Bad Girl Drink is a tart, bright, citrusy cocktail but has a slightly smoky depth from the Appleton. The competition challenged you to create a cocktail based on a song. I chose Lady Gaga’s teeth, which is a smoky, sultry song with a little 20’s flapper girl pep. The Bad Girl Drink captured my interpretation of “Teeth” perfectly…in my unbiased opinion of course 😉 Wanna make one for yourself?

1) Let’s get our tools together. We will need our Boston Shaker (mixing tin and glass), a Hawthorne Strainer, a jigger with a 1 oz and a .5 oz measure, a pairing knife, a barspoon and a chilled 14-16 oz cooler glass. For our shopping list we will need Appleton Estates V/X or Appleton Estates Reserve. Next up is Thatchers Blood Orange liqueur, Campari, Pom Wonderful, Honey Syrup, Perrier, Peychauds Bitters and an Orange for our garnish.

2) Get our mixing glass out and our 2 oz of Appleton Estates rum into the glass. You can pick up either Appleton V/X or Reserve. V/X is the base rum for Appleton Estates, a blend of 15 different styles and barrels to create their smooth and kinda sultry, smoky taste. The Reserve kicks it into the next gear by blending 20 different styles and barrels and is distilled in a copper pot still adding even more character and punching up that smoky, sultry vibe we get from the V/X.

3) Now time for the Thatchers Blood Orange liqueur. Let’s get 1.5 oz in the mixing glass. Thatchers makes a line of all organic liqueurs that are really fresh tasting and do not carry that fakey, overly sugared taste you can get from some of the brown bag brands of liqueurs out there.

4) Time for the Campari, we will need a .5 oz in our mixing glass. Campari is an Italian aperitif that is traditionally drank before meals to stimulate the appetite. It has a distinct bitter, herbal flavor that has the urban legend attached to it that states “you need to try Campari three times before you like it”. I personally love mixing with this as it is a nice tool to balance flavors in a cocktail.

5) Now let’s get .5 oz honey syrup and our 1.5 oz of Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice. Honey syrup is another cool thing to have around for making a cocktail as you can swap it for simple syrup if you looking to use something more natural and to change up the flavor in your favorite drink. It also adds another level of texture and is really simple to make. It’s 50/50 honey to water. I like 60/40 Honey to Water but feel it out and see what works for you. Mix it up really good with your barspoon then keep it in a squeeze bottle for use later. Easy money.

6) Next up let’s get ice in our mixing glass and utilizing our mixing tin, shake shake shake. Get our chilled (either have it in the fridge or chill it with ice and water) cooler glass and fill it with fresh ice. Slap our Hawthorne Strainer on our tin and strain over the fresh iced, chilled cooler glass.

7) Add our 2 oz of Perrier and our 3 dashes of Peychauds bitters to the cocktail and stir gently with our barspoon. For the garnish, with our pairing knife cut off a strip of orange peel. Go from north to south pole for best results. Next, squeeze the strip over the cocktail. Place the strip between your index finger and thumb and squeeze the oil over the drink, be sure to have the pith side (the white) facing you (The oils come from the orange side), then run it alongside the rim of the glass and finally place in the drink. For some extra Gaga style flair, get your pairing knife and cut your strip to resemble a fang! Teeth, get it? Enjoy 🙂

The Bad Girl Drink– 2 oz of Appleton Estates V/X or Appleton Estates Reserve, 1.5 oz Thatchers Blood Orange Liqueur, .5 oz Campari, .5 oz Honey Syrup, 3 dashes of Peychauds bitters, 1.5 oz Pom Wonderful and 2 oz Perrier.












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