The Arawak Cocktail


by Raul Faria

The Arawak Cocktail is #17 in our mission to recreate all the cocktails in the Joy of Mixology by Gaz Regan. Imagine the Arawak Cocktail as a slightly tropical dry Manhattan and a literal variation on the Algonquin Cocktail that would be a perfect alternative for a Whiskey lover with a dry palate looking for something different. You get the Whiskey and pineapple flavor with the spice notes coming from the tamarind juice and Angostura Bitters without any cloying sweetness. Ready to make it?

1) Lets get our tools together; we will need our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger with a 1 oz and .5 oz measure and a cocktail (Martini) glass or coupe. Our shopping list will include Bourbon, Dry Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Pineapple Juice, Tamarind Juice, and a fresh Pineapple.

2) We will begin by adding our .25 oz of pineapple juice to the mixing glass portion of the Boston Shaker. The .25 oz measure can be tricky. There are jiggers with that specific measure available but you can simply utilize half of the .5 oz measure or use two barspoons full to equal a .25 oz measure.

3) Next let’s get our dash of Tamarind juice in the glass. Tamarind juice can be tricky to find so I’d check your International or Asian market or try online. Also be sure to try and track down 100% juice. There are diluted “ready for consumption” cans out there that will not have the desired effect and you will have to tweak the recipe and add more to get the Tamarind flavor to show through.

4) Now time for the .5 oz of Dry Vermouth. Make sure you always store your Dry Vermouth in the fridge for the best flavor.

5) Lets add three dashes of Angostura Bitters. The book says “to taste” so go with what you dig as far as dashes 🙂

6) Whiskey time! The book calls for Bourbon but this recipe is a fun “Box of Crayons” opportunity to try it with different Whiskies like say straight Rye or how about a good ole Tennessee Whiskey? For now lets stick to the page and add 2 oz of Bourbon to the glass; add ice and shake! Strain into chilled cocktail (Martini) glass or coupe. Garnish with a pineapple cube. Enjoy!

Check out our YouTube channel for a video walkthrough of the Arawak Cocktail here.

For more on the Arawak Cocktail, be sure to pick up a copy of “the Joy of Mixology” by Gaz Regan and visit and sign up for the always entertaining and informative newsletter.

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