the Allies Cocktail


by Raul Faria

the Allies Cocktail is number #7 in our noble quest to recreate the cocktails in Gaz Regans book the Joy of Mixology. Now I had some trouble finding the Kummel to make cocktail and it caused a delay in the posts but no longer! Kummel is in the house…or bar…well you know what I mean, so now on to the cocktail itself; Very fragrant and perfumy, a bit spicy, faint anise and herbal flavors with an almost rye bread like zesty finish. Very much a variation on the Martini and I feel like the Kummel just ups the spice factor found in the gin. Nice pre-meal cocktail. This being Mixology made Simple I think we could go and garnish with a citrus peel, maybe even grapefruit, could go well with Regans Orange Bitters, we could also swap out the Dry Vermouth and go with Lillet Blanc. For now lets make the classic version found in the book.

1) Lets get our tools together, we will need our mixing glass portion of our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne or a Julep Strainer, a barspoon, a jigger with a 1 oz and a .25 oz measure (or two barspoons equals .25 oz if you don’t have one) and a chilled 8-10 oz cocktail glass or coupe. Our shopping list will include Gin, Dry Vermouth and of course the annoyingly hard to Kummel.

2) Start off with our .25 oz Kummel into our mixing glass. I used Helbing Kummel in this recipe but feel free to sub whichever brand you can find as this can be a tough one to track down. Kummel is a caraway based liqueur produced primarily in Germany and Russia.

3) Next lets add 1 oz of our Dry Vermouth. I like Dolin Dry Vermouth but feel free to use what you prefer; each one will bring something new to the table.

4) Now add 2 oz of Gin. I used Brokers London Dry Gin which gave my cocktail its zesty, juniper bite but feel free to try Plymouth Gin or Hendricks to get some different flavors in there.

5) With all the ingredients in the mixing glass, add the ice and stir the cocktail until well chilled. Slap your Hawthorne or Julep Strainer on the mixing glass and strain into your chilled cocktail glass or coupe. Enjoy

Grab a copy of the Joy of Mixology for more details on the recipes, bartending tips, and more, be sure to also visit Gaz Regans website and sign up for his always entertaining newsletter.

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