The Abbey Cocktail


by Raul Faria

The Abbey Cocktail is the first in my Julie and Julia (great movie, love me some Meryl Streep) inspired goal of making every cocktail in the recipe section of Gary “Gaz” Regan’s amazing book “the Joy of Mixology”  One by one alphabetically we will be making these drinks together and by the end of our journey we will be able to fine tune our existing skills for the professionals and for beginners it will be a great introduction basic and advanced techniques along with exposure to many classic cocktails and spirits. The Abbey Cocktail is surprisingly dry and smooth. This cocktail is very clean, well balanced and really allows the botanicals in the Gin show through.

1) First lets grab our tools. First up we will need our Mixing Tin and Mixing glass otherwise known as a Boston Shaker (Go Celtics!). We will also need a 1.5 oz/.75 oz Jigger (metal thingy with two cups on the top and bottom of varying sizes) and a Hawthorne Strainer (strainer that fits at the top of the mixing tin). Last up we need our glass for the cocktail. Gaz calls for a 5 oz cocktail (martini) glass. You can either go for a stemmed cocktail glass or one without. Your choice, however the stemware has the advantage of avoiding heat transference by having the guest hold the glass by the stem. Hands are hot.

2) Lets chill our cocktail glass. We can do this either by keeping the glass in the freezer beforehand or by adding ice and water to the glass.

3) Lets get our orange juice and put in .75 oz into our mixing glass. The fresher the better. That goes for most mixers, the better the ingredients the better the cocktail.

4) Next up Lillet .75 oz pour. Lillet is a really interesting fortified wine, kinda like dry vermouth but sweeter with citrus and fruit notes. A very fun product to play with. This may be hard to find but should be available at large liquor stores, specialty wine shops that carry spirits or check online.

5) Now its Gin time. We are going to use 1.5 oz of Gin. I chose New Amsterdam Gin which is a new style Gin but you can go with whichever Gin you like and whatever style. Each Gin will bring its own flavors and botanicals to the cocktail.

6) Now we add our two (I prefer 3) dashes of Angostura Bitters. This little bottle you are going to want to keep handy at all times. It can pretty much make anything better and we wouldn’t be calling cocktails…well cocktails if not for bitters. A loooong time ago in a galaxy far far away a drink made with booze, sugar, water and bitters was made and guess what it was called? The cocktail. Ok now back to the drink making.

7) Now that all our ingredients are in our mixing glass anxiously awaiting ice lets give it to em. Fill the mixing glass with ice about two thirds full and dump it all into the tin (or put the tin over the glass) making a tight seal and shake shake shake. Once the tin gets cold to the touch we are done shaking. Hold the tin and seperate the glass from the tin by breaking the seal. Just smack it with the palm of your hand if it wont seperate. Put the Hawthorne Strainer on the tin and pour into our chilled glass. You just made a classic cocktail. Drink up!

Visit our YouTube channel for our video walkthrough of the Abbey Cocktail here.

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