Garden Smash

by Raul Faria The Garden Smash was my entry into the Maison Leblon World Cup competition with the Grand Prize being a trip to Brazil and the World Cup. We were tasked with creating a cocktail featuring Leblon Cachaca and a “creative entry”. Leblon’s guidelines on the creative entry were pretty loose but some of […]


by Raul Faria                 The LowLita is my entry in this years Auchentoshan “the switch” cocktail competition. For more info on the competition and to vote for the LowLita click here. Now when  creating a cocktail you usually begin with an inspiration from the base spirit, a liqueur or an ingredient like say a fruit, an […]

Suika Caipirinha aka “Caipifaria”

by Raul Faria The Suika Caipirinha is my contribution to the Leblon Cachaca Pre Gala Bash that took place on May 17th and was held during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in New York City. It’s a fun take on the cocktail classic (and official cocktail of Brazil) the Caipirinha. Utilizing lemons instead of lime and […]

Strawberry Truth

by Raul Faria Strawberry Truth was my entry in the G’Vine Gin cocktail competition this year. It featured G’Vine Floraison Gin which is really FLORAL, and full of herbal notes making it really fun to mix with and its not very Juniper forward which I think helps G’Vine Floraison represent a perfect introduction to the Gin […]

Brockton Cocktail

  by Raul Faria The Brockton Cocktail was my entry for this years “Shake it Up” cocktail competition that is held at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. This year we were challenged with creating a cocktail from a list of various spirits, bitters, liqueurs and mixers. We were also given a theme “the […]

The Nashville Lemon Sipper

by Raul Faria The Nashville Lemon Sipper was my entry for the Las Vegas Cocktail Classic that was held at Surrender Nightclub during this years NCB show. I created the cocktail itself right around the time Jack Daniels first introduced Jack Daniels Honey and I put it on the menu at Serendipity 3. I was inspired […]

Seven Samurai Sunrise

by Raul Faria This cocktail was my entry for the very, very fun Cointreau Ambassador of Libations competition where we were tasked with coming up with two cocktails, one being inspired by a silver screen Cannes film classic and the second being inspired by St Tropez. This week we are gonna make my movie cocktail […]

Wild Turkey Ginger Julep

  by Raul Faria Here is another fun winter drink that is a simple twist on the classic cocktail, the Mint Julep. All we are really doing here is adding some ginger flavor and tweaking our sweet to heat balance a bit. We will be serving this at Serendipity 3 over Thanksgiving weekend, but if you […]

Cotton Candy Martini

By Raul Faria Heres a fun drink I came up with for Serendipity 3’s upcoming cocktail menu. Next time you’re in Las Vegas be sure to drop by the bar and say Hi and try one :). Until then let me show you how to make one. 1) Let’s get our tools together. We are […]

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