What is Baijiu?

by Raul Faria Baijiu, meaning white liquor and pronounced “bye-joe” is coincidently the name of a Houston based company that is working hard to introduce the number 1 selling spirit in the world to the US. You read that right. Number 1. Outselling every spirit category on the planet. Vodka? Nope. Rum? Pfft, not even […]

Pineapple Basil Gin Fix

by Raul Faria The Pineapple Basil Gin Fix was my entry into the Broker’s Gin Bowler Cup this year and is based on an old style of cocktail known as a “Fix”. Fixes were essentially sours; spirit, sugar and citrus. Now the fix incorporated fruit into the sour template either with juices or the sugar […]

MMS live at Jack Daniel’s Distillery

by Raul Faria Since 1875 Jasper Newton Daniel has been making whiskey in the great State of Tennessee. He was dedicated to his brand he dubbed “Old #7” and his dedication led his whiskey to become the highest selling American whiskey in the world. Jack Daniel’s Old #7 is now sold in over 160 countries and its iconic […]

Fire Potion

 by Raul Faria Fire Potion was created with and for Golia Vodka. Its tart and a little spicy plus it’s a pretty straightforward cocktail to make. When creating cocktails for Golia vodka I’m always inspired by the Mongolian Empire and its leader…Genghis Khan. I imagine a sprawling Empire full of warriors, elders and alchemists. Fire […]

Motlow’s Mule

by Raul Faria Motlow’s Mule was named after and inspired by Lem Motlow, one of the earliest Master Distillers at Jack Daniel’s Distillery (behind Bill Hughes and Uncle Jack of course) and nephew of Jack Daniel himself. He was always focused on moving the ball forward by increasing production and expanding the Old #7 brand. He was […]

A Gentleman’s Cola

by Raul Faria when the Order of Gentlemen calls, one must rise to meet the challenge. One the Order’s Ambassadors, Miss Cami Novak, challenged me to create a cocktail for the Las Vegas Cocktail Classic this year and I came up with “A Gentleman’s Cola”. It is a combination of the twice mellowed Gentlemen Jack, […]

Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo

by Raul Faria Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo is one of my favorite selections from the Toji club at Sake One. It is sent out to Toji club members and is available on their website around the holidays and I look forward to it every year. We’ve covered the Yoshinogawa Shuzou’s sake before at mixologymadesimple.com, like the Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior, […]

The “L” Word

by Raul Faria I created the “L” Word cocktail for a charity event put on by Backbar USA benefiting Tony Abou Ganim’s Helen David Relief Fund that benefits Bartenders affected by breast cancer. It was called “For the Love of Cocktails” and it tasked 14 Mixologists to create a cocktail themed around love and Valentines Day featuring 14 […]

Phuket Ginger Colada

by Raul Faria The Phuket Ginger Colada is my entry in this year’s Domaine de Canton Bartender of the Year competition. It is inspired by the use of ginger in Thai cooking along with the combination of sweet, sour and salty, plus the freshness that is also a common strand in Thai food. The spirits I chose […]

São Paulo Sling

by Raul Faria The São Paulo sling was created for the BACKBAR USA Christmas party and was inspired by the flavor notes found in Leblon Cachaca and of course the cocktail classic Singapore Sling. Much like what is found in the flavor profile of the aforementioned original, I wanted a fun tropical cocktail that was easy […]

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