Suika Caipirinha aka “Caipifaria”


by Raul Faria

The Suika Caipirinha is my contribution to the Leblon Cachaca Pre Gala Bash that took place on May 17th and was held during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in New York City. It’s a fun take on the cocktail classic (and official cocktail of Brazil) the Caipirinha. Utilizing lemons instead of lime and adding watermelon juice with a splash of sparkling sake adds some fun flavors and colors that drive home that this truly is a summer drink that goes down waaaay to easily. It’s a pretty easy cocktail to make too so lets get started 🙂

1) Lets get our tools ready; we will need our Boston Shaker, our muddler, a citrus press, a double-strainer, a pairing knife, a jigger with at least a 1 oz and a .5 oz measure, and a large rocks or double old fashioned glass. Our shopping list will include Leblon Cachaca, Zipang Sparkling Sake, Seedless Watermelon, lemons and sugar.

2) We have some prep to get out of the way first-

Watermelon Juice– Grab our watermelon and cut the north and south poles. Cut a good quarter of an inch wide slice all the way through so the watermelon could stand on its axis (straight up and down). With the watermelon standing upright, slice the edges downward to remove all of the peel. Once that has been completed and the watermelon is free of its green peel, cut into citrus press sized chunks. Also be sure to cut small cubes for the garnish and set aside. Now we can extract the juice two ways, we can either utilize our citrus press and squeeze through a double-strainer or simply place the double-strainer over a glass and use our muddler and squeeze the watermelon chunk through the double-strainer. Both ways will yield juice so pick your poison. The second method will require an additional pour through a double-strainer. Set juice aside in a squeeze bottle or carafe.

Lemon Quarters and Wheels– First grab a lemon, cut off the tips, next slice in half, then take one of the halves and cut into quarters. Set aside. Now grab another lemon and cut off the poles just like the watermelon above, next stand lemon on its side and make a slice all the way down through just the peel. This will allow a slit in the wheel we are about to make so we can place it on the side of the glass. Now slice the lemon into slices and set aside.

3) Take the quartered lemon half and place in our rocks or double old fashioned glass.

4) Now add 1 tablespoon of sugar and muddle the lemons and sugar. Be sure to grind the sugar into the lemon chunks to both dissolve the sugar as much as we can and to help extract the lemon oil from the peel itself.

5) Next add 1.5 oz of Leblon Cachaca. What is Cachaca? Well some could say “Its Brazilian rum” or “Rum from sugar cane juice”. Yes and sorta no. See Cachaca is a sugar cane distillate just like rum. Rum however is typically made from molasses, the byproduct of sugar production (you know the white stuff we just ground into our lemon). Cachaca is made from sugar cane juice…but some rums are too, like Rhum Agricole from the French Islands and other brands like 10 cane. So what makes Cachaca, Cachaca?! Well being produced only in Brazil, from sugar cane and being aged in barrels sometimes made from exotic indigenous woods. Cachaca also has a distinctive, fresh, vegetal and sometimes a little “funky in a good way” flavor.

6) Lets add 2 oz of watermelon juice into our glass.

7) Now fill up the glass all the way up with ice, have ice mounding over the top, as much as you can get into the rocks or double old fashioned glass.

8) Dump contents of the glass into the mixing tin and shake with our Boston Shaker. You can either use the mixing glass portion and shake like normal or shake with the rocks or double old fashioned glass if it fits your tin. Shake to chill contents and help dissolve the sugar.

9) Next dump back into the rocks or double old fashioned glass and top off with 1 oz of Zipang Sparkling Sake. Add ice to fill and garnish with a lemon wheel and three picked watermelon chunks. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out the Suika Caipirinha on our YouTube channel here

Suika Caipirinha aka Caipifaria– 1.5 oz Leblon Cachaca, 1 oz Zipang Sparkling Sake, 2 oz watermelon juice, quartered lemon half, and a tablespoon of sugar, build in glass, shake (without sparkling sake), dump back in glass, top off with sparkling sake and ice. Garnish with lemon wheel and three picked watermelon chunks.


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