Smokehouse Rusty Roy


by Raul Faria

I like Bacon. I think most would agree with that statement. I also like drinking. If you’re reading this article I’m gonna go ahead and assume you would agree with that statement as well. With these two things in mind I would like to introduce you to the Smokehouse Rusty Roy. It’s kind of like a smoky cross between a Rob Roy and a Rusty Nail. This cocktail came to me after sipping on some Laphroaig 10 Scotch. Laphroaig produces Scotch in the Islay (pronounced Eye-Lah) region of Scotland. That particular Scotch producing region of Scotland is famous for its smoky scotches. When I was enjoying my Scotch I was inspired by that tell tale peaty smoke. Peat is basically grassy, vegetation and nutrient rich…well…soil, that is used to roast the barley when Scotch is made and carries a unique flavor, almost like a campfire. Islay Scotches are smokey big time and I found that very inspiring. I came up with two cocktails that utilize this smokey character. The first is the Smokehouse Rusty Roy and I was immediately reminded of the smoky character found in barbecue and more specifically bacon. I wanted to create a cocktail that reminded the senses of bacon without using actual bacon in the actual construction of the cocktail. Ready to make one?

1) Lets get our tools together; we will need our mixing glass portion of the Boston Shaker, a barspoon, a Hawthorne Strainer, a Jigger with 1.5 oz and/or .75 oz measure and a chilled 6-8 oz cocktail glass or coupe. Our shopping list will include Laphroaig 10, Drambuie, Carpano Antica Formula, Angostura Bitters and honey…oh and bacon. I know I said the actual cocktail construction does not include bacon but the garnish does:)

2) We have prep to get out of the way first, so let’s get to it. First let’s get the bacon done. The best way to get crispy, non greasy bacon is to cook it between two Silpats. Brush the bacon with honey and lay out the slices on a Silpat lined sheet pan. Now brush the other side with honey and lay a Silpat over the slices. Cook normally, remove from oven and set to dry and cool. Non greasy and crispy honey glazed bacon, yum! If you don’t have the totally cool (but kinda expensive Silpats) then simply cook bacon like normal but say 5-7 minutes before they are done, take out the sheet pan and drain the grease, brush bacon strips (don’t burn yourself) with Honey and put them back in the over at a higher temperature for the remaining five minutes. Now remove from the oven and set out to cool and dry. They should be crispy and not too greasy.

3) Lets begin with the 1.5 oz of Laphroiag 10. This Scotch is SMOKEY in a good way. Like drinking a campfire. Now if that doesn’t immediately sound appealing, sorry but Islay Scotches are unapologetic in that regard. Love em or leave em. Now that being said I feel that when properly mixed, that smokey peatiness can be used to modify and create more broadly palatable flavor combinations and also actually at the same time make the flavor more complex yet more approachable.

4) Next up let’s add our .75 oz of Drambuie. This is a fun Scotch based liqueur made with honey and herbs.

5) Now let’s add our .75 oz Carpano Antica Formula. This is my preferred vermouth. Very flavorful, lush, with lots of spice and herbal notes that finishes with a fun bitterness at the end. It can really pull a cocktail together. It was created by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in 1786. Mr Carpano is credited with inventing vermouth in Turin Italy, how’s that for authentic:)

6) We are gonna get our 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters in the mixing glass, slap on our Hawthorne or Julep strainer, add ice and stir until cold. Strain into our chilled glass, garnish with our bacon chip and enjoy!

Optional addition- Try a barspoon of honey syrup to round out the heat if you find it too strong.

Smokehouse Rusty Roy- 1.5 oz Laphroaig 10, .75 oz Drambuie, .75 oz Carpano Antica Formula, 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters, Stir/Strain into cocktail glass or coupe, garnish with a honey glazed bacon chip.

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