Seven Samurai Sunrise


by Raul Faria

This cocktail was my entry for the very, very fun Cointreau Ambassador of Libations competition where we were tasked with coming up with two cocktails, one being inspired by a silver screen Cannes film classic and the second being inspired by St Tropez. This week we are gonna make my movie cocktail the Seven Samurai Sunrise. I really dig this cocktail because it combines some of my favorite things Gin, Sake and Samurais! So bust out your Katana and get ready for a tasty cocktail;)

1) Lets get our tools together, we will need our Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, a jigger with a 1 oz and a .5 oz measure and a chilled 10 oz cocktail glass. To prep our cantaloupe juice you’ll also need a citrus press (lemon squeezer thingy) and a doublestrainer (or a tea strainer wild). Our shopping list will include Cointreau, Brokers London Dry Gin, Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior Junmai Ginjo Sake, a Cantaloupe, pineapple juice, peychauds bitters and pasteurized or fresh egg whites.

2) First lets get the star of the show into our mixing glass the Cointreau. Cointreau is a premium citrus liqueur made from the peels of both bitter and sweet oranges in a secret recipe they have been using for over 150 years. Cool right? We will need 1 oz of Cointreau.

3) Now lets get our 1 oz Brokers London Dry Gin. This Gin is made in a 200 years old distillery from a 200 year old recipe. The best part for me is the adorable bowler hat that comes on the cap of this stuff. Love it. Plus its pretty damn tasty and makes a mean Collins.

4) Lets move on to our 1 oz Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior Junmai Ginjo Sake. Wanna know what this tastes like on its own? Well look no further then as I reviewed this earlier this year; Yoshinogawa “Winter Warrior” Junmai Ginjo Sake.

5) We are now going to add .5 oz cantaloupe juice. Cut up your cantaloupe into citrus press sized chunks and using the aforementioned citrus press, squeeze it into your jigger or another vessel then measure it into the mixing glass. Be sure to squeeze that stuff through your doublestrainer too, so you get juice not chunks. You may also simply blend the chunks in a blender then double-strain them as well. Be careful of the seeds when blending.

6) Next up .5 oz pineapple juice.

7) Now add .5 oz of fresh egg white. Feel free to utilize the carton egg whites as well. So usually this will be the part where we put ice in and shake right?. Not so fast young Jedi. Lets do a “Dry Shake” first. A dry shake is a shake without ice that will help get a nice froth on your final product. So give a dry shake. After that add ice to the mixing glass and shake it cold!

8) Strain into your chilled 8-10 oz cocktail glass and now we are gonna get fancy with our bitters. We will create a Samurai crest out of the bitters by adding four dashes in three points of a triangle pattern. So basically you will have three red blobs floating on our amazing dry shaken foam on our cocktail in a triangle pattern. Now take a knife or whatever pointy thing you have and create the curvy tail part so your blob now resembles a teardrop shape. Check the pic above for reference. I saw the Master Dale Degroff make this pattern on a pisco sour and I immediately thought of a Samurai crest, naturally. Kampai!

Seven Samurai Sunrise- 1 oz Cointreau, 1 oz Brokers London Dry Gin, 1 oz Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior Junmai Ginjo Sake, .5 oz Cantaloupe, .5 oz Pineapple juice, and .5 oz egg whites. Dry shake/Shake/Strain, garnish with Peychauds bitters pattern.


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