Sicilian Sidecar

By Raul Faria

The Sicilian Sidecar is a cocktail I created for the Disaronno Mixing Star Competition. It was inspired by Italy and the Cable Car cocktail created by Master Mixologist Tony Abou Ganim. The Cable Car is inspired by the classic cocktail the Sidecar. Thats another fun aspect of Mixology, finding a cocktail that you enjoy as inspiration to bust out that proverbial box of crayons and create something new. The Sicilian Sidecar is unique for me in that it starts out with a citrus note and finishes with chocolate. The combination of espresso and citrus along with the sweet almond notes in the Orgeat Syrup and Disaronno balance each other nicely. The cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar rim help contribute to the chocolate finish. Lots of fun stuff going on. Time to make one!

1) Heres what we will need for tools, Boston Shaker (mixing tin and pint glass), Hawthorne Strainer (the thingy that’s gonna go on top of the mixing can to strain out the ice), Jigger with a 1 oz and .5 oz measure, 10 oz cocktail (martini) glass, citrus press (the lemon squeezer thingy). Our grocery list is as follows, Amaretto Disaronno, Pyrat XO Rum, Romate Solera Reserva brandy, Orgeat Syrup, chilled espresso, 1 whole lemon, granulated sugar, ground cinnamon and nutmeg.

2) First (as always) lets chill our cocktail glass either by chilling it in the fridge beforehand or with ice and water in the glass. For the cocktail itself lets start with the star of the show, the Disaronno. Now this is a very interesting liqueur on its own with its slightly bitter but sweet “almond” taste and it has been a staple in bars all over the world. Guess what has no almonds or nuts of any kind? Disaronno. How many times have you heard people simply describe it as “an almond liqueur”? Now it should be said that some other brands may use actual almonds for flavor. Its recipe (that Disaronno says has been around since the 1500’s) is a blend of apricot kernel oils, burnt sugar, alcohol (duh) and 17 different spices and herbs. So lets add 1 oz of Disaronno to our mixing glass.

3) Lets grab our Pyrat XO Rum and add 1 oz to the mixing glass. If you can’t find the Pyrat some good substitutes are Mount Gay or Appleton Estates aged rums. Just be sure to look for an age statement on the bottle or reserve, XO something to indicate the stuff has spent some time hanging out in a barrel.

4) Next up is our Romate Solera Reserva Brandy. This stuff is really cool. Lots of caramel and vanilla all over this stuff. The catch is that its pretty difficult to find. You can always order this online but if you gotta have that sidecar tonight (and why wouldn’t you want one, you deserve it) you can substitute Korbel XS (lots of vanilla) or Korbel VSOP.

5) Lets grab our lemon (a good trick to get the most juice out is to place the lemon on the cutting board and with the palm of your hand press down on the lemon and roll it back and forth) and cut the small ends off and slice down the middle. Grab the citrus press and squeeze the lemon and either put the juice in a small glass and measure out .5 oz or just squeeze the juice directly into the jigger. that can be tricky and messy if you’re not careful. Get that .5 oz lemon juice in the mixing glass. Set one of the halves aside. We are gonna use it later.

6) Our chilled espresso is next with .5 oz measure.

7) Get our Orgeat Syrup and add .25 oz measure. Now this stuff is ALMOND syrup. just a touch of that sweet almond to play off the Disaronno and the tart espresso.

8) Next take equal parts sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and mix them in a saucer or small plate. Take out our chilled cocktail glass and get our lemon half we set aside, we will now run the outer rim of the cocktail across the surface of the lemon. Now that the rim has the lemony goodness its time to run the outside of the rim through our spiced sugar blend. We should now have a chilled spiced sugar rimmed glass ready for our Sicilian Sidecar.

9) Add ice and shake vigorously and strain (using the Hawthorne Strainer over the mixing tin) into the Chilled spiced sugar rimmed glass. Enjoy!

The Sicilian Sidecar- 1 oz Disaronno, 1 oz Pyrat XO Rum, 1 oz Romate Reserva Brandy, .5 oz lemon juice, .5 oz chilled espresso, .25 oz Orgeat Syrup served in a spiced sugar rimmed glass.

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  1. Very pretty and good use of favors!

  2. Your drinks are so intense with flavor and creative good job, Raul.

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