Sake Mimosa


by Raul Faria

I really dig the Sake Mimosa; it’s my fun, easy to make twist on a classic. My favorite part of the cocktail is that it utilizes Sparkling Sake. Sparkling Sake is a great substitute for Champagne and sparkling wine either in cocktail recipes or simply consumed by itself in a Champagne glass. Sake, sparkling or not, can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime and can be paired with any food depending on the type of Sake, just like wine. I find the Sake Mimosa to be a fun example of the versatility of Sake. Let’s make one:)

1) Let’s get our tools together; we will need a jigger with a 1 oz measure, a pairing knife, a citrus press and a chilled Champagne glass. Optional tool; double-strainer. Our shopping list will include, Zipang Sparkling Sake, Orange Bitters and Mandarin oranges.

2) First let’s get our prep done. We will need to cut our Mandarin oranges in half and squeeze the halves with our citrus press and set the juice aside for later use. Ideally you would have this juice prepared ahead of time and chilled in the fridge so it’s cold when its added to the glass. Optionally you can also utilize the double-strainer to filter out the pulp.

3) Let’s add 2 oz of Mandarin orange juice to our Champagne glass.

4) Now let’s add three dashes of either Fee Bros. or Regan’s Orange Bitters. Fee Bros. has a bright citrusy vibe whereas Regan’s Orange Bitters carries spice and subtle floral notes along with fresh orange peel.

5) Time for our 4 oz of Zipang Sparkling Sake. Sparkling Sake is just what it sounds like; Sake with bubbles. It is usually produced by stopping the fermentation early and allowing a secondary fermentation in the bottle, thus capturing the carbonation. I prefer using Zipang for the Sake Mimosa as it’s the driest around. There are plenty of other Sparkling Sakes out there to play with in other cocktail recipes or consume straight out of the glass, such as the cream soda like Hou Hou Shu or the blueberry flavored Star Rabbit Sparkling Sake.

6) Now that we have all that good stuff in our chilled Champagne glass, let’s get our garnish together. Take a Mandarin orange and place it on a cutting board. Next, with your pairing knife, slice off a strip of the peel and “snap” the peel over the cocktail to express the oil. See the “God save the Queen” recipe for pics on how to do it. Kanpai!

Sake Mimosa- 4 oz of Zipang Sparkling Sake, 2 oz fresh Mandarin orange juice, three dashes of Orange Bitters garnished with a Mandarin orange peel.


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