Root Beer Float Cocktail


By Raul Faria

This cocktail is one of my favorites at Serendipity 3. I based it on my old go to “fun” drink I used to make. I wanted something on our menu that could pack a punch you wouldn’t see coming and something that root beer lovers would dig. It’s a pretty easy recipe with straight forward ingredients and utilizes basic techniques, which makes it perfect for parties and special events where a fun “long drink” is desired. So less yappin’ more drink makin!

1) Now let’s get our tools together. We will need our Boston Shaker (mixing glass and tin), a jigger with 1 oz and a .5 oz measure, a barspoon and a chilled 16 oz cooler glass (whatever you think looks cool). For the components we will need either Pinnacle or Smirnoff (Smirnoff tends to be sweeter so be wary), whipped cream vodka, Jagermeister (don’t be scared), Drambuie, Angostura Bitters, Death Valley or IBC Root Beer, and Canned Whipped Cream. All the Spirits listed above share herbals and notes of root beer, so we’re really turning up the volume on the flavors and spicy herbals of our the root beer itself.

2) Let’s get out our super cool cooler glass that we chilled already by either having it in the fridge beforehand or chilling it with ice and water. Then put 2 oz of whipped vodka in the glass.

3) Next up is the Jagermeister. Every time I tell people there’s Jager in it I either get a) OMG I HATE JAGER or b) Wow, that’s awesome! I love Jager! It seems you either love it or hate it. I suspect the ones that hate it overserved themselves, then blamed the Jager and ended up praying to the porcelain god vowing never to drink that foul black liquid ever again. That’s their loss because I LOVE mixing with Jager. It’s a wonderful addition to many cocktails as it adds anise and other herbal notes plus the black color can be pretty dramatic for presentation purposes. We are going to put .5 oz of Jagermeister into the glass.

4) Get our Drambuie and add .5 oz to the glass. Drambuie is another one of those dusty bottles that every bar has that tragically doesn’t get any showtime. It’s a Scotch based liqueur made with honey, heather and other herbals. The recipe has been around for over 200 years. I bet they never imagined we’d be using it on a root beer float…actually they probably had no idea what root beer was, but back to work.

5) Three dashes of Angostura Bitters into the glass. Just remember one thing, Bitters makes everything better.

6) Now add ice to the glass all the way to the top. Add our root beer of choice and then stir gently with the barspoon; we don’t want to kill the carbonation. Top it off with whipped cream, a maraschino cherry and enjoy. As you drink the cocktail the whipped cream will set in the drink, punching up the cream factor without being heavy.




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