Momokawa Silver Nama Sake from Sake One

By Raul Faria

Nama Nama Nama! I really dig this stuff. Nama-Zake is unpasteurized sake, the stuff in the bottle is still alive and kicking and doing its thing. Most Sake is pasteurized twice once right after it’s brewed and before its matured and then right before bottling. There are also partial “Nama” variations where the sake has been pasteurized once. Nama Chozo (after brewing) and Nama-Zume (right before bottling after storage). Momokawa Silver Nama Sake is the full blown Nama, no pasteurization means no last call for the various enzymes and micro-organisms that remain after brewing. This leads to a more lively and well “Nama (meaning raw)” Sake. The Momokawa Silver Nama Sake has a nose you don’t need to look for. This jumps right out at you with fruit like apple and white grapes. The flavor is as bold as the aroma with crisp cider like apple and a citrus zing of ripe grapefruit with a smooth slightly viscous mouthfeel. Nama must be kept refrigerated or it will go bad and should be consumed quicker than a normal Sake also once it’s opened the clock is definitely ticking then so drink up! Now another cool trait of the Nama-Zake is that stored in the proper temperatures (36-38 degrees) and left in the unopened bottle can age in interesting and really fun ways. The bottle I described in this post was four months in the fridge  Fresh Nama is tough to get on our side of the fence but thanks to it’s a click away:)

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