Melon Parfait Cocktail

Melon Parfait Cocktail

By Raul Faria

So I entered a cocktail competition sponsored by Galliano. I’m sure some have seen the gigantic yellow bottle in the corner of the bar and said “what they hell do you make with that?” well there are a few classic cocktails that require Galliano like the Golden Cadillac and Harvey Wallbanger and its variations. Galliano itself has a sweet licorice taste that you either love or you dont. When mixing with it however it can add depth and texture. The Challenge was to take on one of the Classic Galliano recipes and put your own twist on it. So I took the Golden Cadillac as my inspiration and really took ball and ran with it. Far away but I can still see the field. The Golden Cadillac featured 1 oz Galliano, 1 oz creme de cacao white and .25oz cream. Very much a dessert drink in my opinion so I got the idea for a melon parfait inspired cocktail. Parfaits are usually a light dessert. So I said “hey lets lighten this sugar content up a bit by swapping out that creme de cacao for some Absolut Vanilla”. Adding the vodka ups the heat (strength of the cocktail) so we need something to “elongate” the cocktail, to stretch it out a bit it bring the heat factor into balance. I then decided to add 1 oz of fresh Honeydew Melon juice. Not too sweet and that 1 oz of not sweet liquid will help calm down the rowdy vodka. Next up we added the 1 oz of Galliano and .25oz of cream. I then added .5oz of Monin Rock Cantaloupe syrup. Now I know what your thinking “Why did you add sweet when you just added something to reduce the sweet?” Well lets look at the ratio 1 oz Absolut Vanilla (hot) 1oz Galliano (sweet) if we stopped there we would be fairly balanced in regards to the sweet but it would still be rough around the edges so we add 1oz Honeydew Juice. Stopping there would soften those edges but what about the texture? did we lose some sweet? so for the texture and creaminess we add…well…cream .25oz and since we have now muted some of the flavors I turned up the volume a bit by bringing in our Monin Rock Cantaloupe Syrup.

Sounds Yummy? Lets make one!

1) Start with your mixing glass (a 16 oz tempered pint glass)

2) Grab that giant yellow bottle (the Galliano) and pour 1 oz into the mixing glass.

3) Next up grab the Absolut Vanilla pour 1 oz or you can substitute another brand of vanilla vodka which will change the cocktail. Maybe even go for a whipped cream vodka too, box of crayons people I’m tellin ya!

4) Pour 1 oz of Honeydew juice. The Honeydew juice is easily extracted by simply cutting the melon into chunks (or you can cheat and buy them cut up at the grocery store) and squeezing them in a lemon citrus press. These can be found in the produce section hanging out by the lemons and the limes or purchase one at or

5) .5 oz Monin Rock Cantaloupe Syrup. this ingredient will be tricky. it can be ordered at pretty easy though and you can also make a cantaloupe syrup by extracting the juice and reducing equal parts sugar and juice.

6) .25oz cream (1/2 and 1/2)

Once all the ingredients are in the glass add ice and shake vigorously and pour into a chilled 10 oz cocktail (martini) glass. Garnish with three Honeydew melon balls. Wanna get fancy? Try garnishing with a melon trio. Use a watermelon ball, Cantaloupe Ball and a honeydew ball. fancy huh? Enjoy:)

Melon Parfait Cocktail- 1 oz Galliano. 1 oz Absolut Vanilla, 1 oz Honeydew Juice, .5 oz Monin Rock Cantaloupe Syrup, .25 oz cream, shake/strain into cocktail glass, Garnish with a melon ball trio.


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  1. SOUNDS DELICIOUS! When I can find some time, I’d LOVE to make this!

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