Mango Curry Collins


By Raul Faria

I created the Mango Curry Collins, featuring Absolut Mango, for a new restaurant opening in Las Vegas. It is inspired by the Vodka Collins and the flavors of Southeast Asia. This is a fun, tangy cocktail with just a touch of savory from the super easy to make curry syrup and the Sriracha. Ready to try fun twist on a refreshing classic?

1) Lets get our tools ready; we will need our Boston Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Double Strainer, Citrus Press, A jigger with a 1 oz and a .75 oz measure. Our shopping list includes Absolut Mango, Fresh Orange Juice or Oranges, Limes, Sugar, Curry Powder and Fever Tree Tonic.

Curry Syrup- Begin with 1.5 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons of curry powder and combine with 1 cup of Hot water. Stir until well blended. Next use our double-strainer to reduce any un-dissolved curry powder. You’ll get the best flavor by letting the unstrained syrup infuse for 24 hours then strain out the solids. Use your favorite curry powder and stick to that brand. Curry powders are notoriously inconsistent in their ingredient blends, yielding different flavors from brand to brand.

2) Begin with adding 5-6 dashes of Sriracha hot sauce. It contains just the right amount of savory notes to add some extra layers of flavor This is just going to give the cocktail a little kick that plays nicely off the sweetness of the curry syrup.

3) Next add .75 oz of fresh lime juice to the mixing glass. We can use our citrus press and squeeze directly into the jigger or we can utilize our double-strainer to catch any pulp or seeds and squeeze the juice into a separate container.

4) Now we can add our .75 oz of curry syrup.

5) Lets add 2 oz of fresh orange juice. If you using fresh oranges I would recommend squeezing ahead of time to remove the pulp and seeds with our double-strainer. You can also substitute Naked Juice or Perricone orange juice. They are a little pricey but save a ton of work and in the long run are probably cheaper than using fresh oranges, especially if you plan on making more than one cocktail.

6) Time to add the star of the show 2 oz of Absolut Mango. Released in 2007 Absolut Mango has a ton of fresh, lush mango flavor and is really fun to mix with.

7) Lets add ice to the mixing glass and shake. Strain into a chilled collins glass and top off with 2-3 oz Fever Tree tonic. Pour into the glass at the same time your pouring the tonic or give a quick light stir to distribute. Garnish with a lime wheel and enjoy!

Mango Curry Collins– 2 oz Absolut Mango, .75 oz curry syrup, .75 oz of lime juice, 2 oz fresh orange juice, 5-6 dashes of Siracha, add ice and shake, strain into chilled, iced collins glass and top off with 2-3 oz Fever Tree tonic, quick light stir to distribute or pour tonic at the same time, garnish with a lime wheel.

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