by Raul Faria                

The LowLita is my entry in this years Auchentoshan “the switch” cocktail competition. For more info on the competition and to vote for the LowLita click here. Now when  creating a cocktail you usually begin with an inspiration from the base spirit, a liqueur or an ingredient like say a fruit, an herb, a vegetable, you name it, Sometimes its a specific aromatic or flavor note you find in a the aforementioned spirit or liqueur. The next most common route is to focus on an idea or theme like say a spicy margarita, a tropical martini or a holiday mojito or inspiration can come from geography, nationality, an emotion, a song, pretty much anywhere and anything could get the gears turning when we are talking about ideas and themes. I chose to do both. First I focused on an almost ripe currant berry note I picked up in the Auchentoshan. Once I picked up on that attribute my roadmap was pretty clear to what kind of cocktail I wanted to construct. I wanted to create a summer cocktail that utilizes the Auchentoshan Three Wood and berries in a fun way.  My ingredient was the dark berry and my theme was summer. The LowLita is almost like a blackberry Scotch Rickey, tart and full of berry flavor. Id say that’s pretty damn fun 🙂 Wanna make one?

1) Lets get our tools together, for this we will need our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne Strainer, Double-strainer, a Citrus Press, a muddler, a jigger with a .5 oz and a 1 oz measure and a 14-16 oz collins or cooler glass. Our shopping list will include, Auchentoshan Three Wood, Licor 43, Lindemans Cassis Lambic, Lemons, Blackberries and pineapple juice.

2) Lets begin with our citrus element. We are going to need .5 oz of fresh lemon juice into our mixing glass. Simply grab a lemon, cut the nubs off either ends and slice it in half. Place one of the halves in a citrus press and squeeze the juice into our jigger. Done. Fresh lemon juice. Now if you wanna get fancy you can squeeze the juice through a double-strainer to catch the pulp and pre-batch your lemon juice depending on how many cocktails you’re gonna make.

3) Now we will add our sweet element, .5 oz Licor 43. This Spanish Liqueur has notes of vanilla, citrus and it has some fun herbal stuff going on. It’s really a fascinating liqueur that has a recipe that dates back all the way to 209 BC and was a favored libation amongst the elite of the Roman Empire. This ancient recipe is also a blend of 43 different ingredients including Mediterranean herbs, citrus fruits and vanilla.

4) Next up we will add our five blackberries into our glass and muddle the contents. We want to press the berries and get all that juice and color. Don’t worry about the seeds, we are gonna double-strain them out later.

5) Time to add the 1.5oz of pineapple juice to the mixing glass.

6) Its now time for the star of the show, our 1.5 oz of Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch. As I mentioned before I got some deep currant berry on the nose and on the palate and that was my initial inspiration for the LowLita. This Lowlands (Get it? Low-Lita? Hah!) Scotch is aged in three different casks, Pedro Jimenez and Oloroso Sherry and also of course, the Bourbon barrel.

7) Lets go ahead and add our ice to our mixing glass and shake. Double-strain over our chilled, iced Collins or Cooler glass.

8) Top off with about 2 oz of Lindemans Cassis Lambic. Lambics are known for their funky flavor and are created by allowing wild yeasts to get the fermentation party started. These wild yeasts bring are what bring that distinctive funk. Lindemans Lambics are brewed in the small town of Vlezenbeek located in the Pajottenland region of Belgium, at specific locations and during the months from October through late April. Since they are dealing with wild yeasts they want know what’s hanging out in the air at a specific location so the Lambics are always brewed in the same location to get the same result. They also do not brew during the summertime as this would yield too many harmful bacteria. Lindemans Cassis Lambic has currant berry juice added to the fully fermented batch so you get a really lush fruit forward beverage with the wild yeast and malt flavors traditionally found in Lambics backing it all up.

9) Stir lightly and garnish with expressed lemon peel and three picked blackberries. Enjoy! And don’t forget to vote for LowLita here.

LowLita– .5 oz Licor 43, .5 oz Fresh Lemon Juice, 5 Muddled Blackberries, 1.5 oz Pineapple Juice, 1.5 oz Auchentoshan Three Wood, add ice, Shake, Strain into chilled, iced 14-16oz Collins or Cocktail Glass, Top off with 2oz of Lindemans Cassis Lambic, stir lightly then garnish with Lemon Peel and three picked Blackberries.

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