Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Extra Dry


by Raul Faria

Kimoto Sake, is one of the oldest types of sake around. This style is known for its wild, kinda gamey and in some cases intense earthy flavor. Kimoto style Sake involves wild airborne bacteria and yeasts to propagate on the Moto (the initial batch of rice that has had Koji introduced and also serves as the yeast starter). Eventually all these wild yeasts and bacteria have a Tarantino’esque shoot out which leaves the (lactic acid producing) lactic bacteria the last man standing and eventually kills itself off. Grim I know but this process leaves the Moto nice and clean and ready to receive the more mild mannered and well behaved cultured yeast and that will begin the Moto magic and kick start the Sake batch. The aforementioned bacterial apocalypse is believed to be responsible for the unique flavors of the Kimoto style of Sake. The other interesting aspect of Kimoto production is that it also utilizes bamboo poles to mash the rice and Koji. This method was thought to assist in the yeast propagation. The Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Extra Dry is actually pretty subdued for this style and really rather smooth. This may be due to the fact that the Kasumi Tsuru Kura (Sake Brewery) has been making Kimoto Sake since 1725 in Hyogo prefecture and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. Here are my impressions of this remarkable Sake.

Aroma- On the nose I got mild earthy notes of mushroom with faint ripe tropical fruit. Overall a very delicate aroma.

Taste- I got dry apple with a lush, pure, watery mouthfeel, very round and clean.

Finish- A nice crisp finish, very clean and slightly astringent.

This stuff is definitely worth checking out and Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Extra Dry Sake is readily available through Sake One via their online shop and through their Sake clubs. Head over to sakeone.com and check it out.



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