Happy New Year!


by Raul Faria

Goodbye 2012 and hello to an exciting 2013! Look for new posts from yours truly of course but also our lovely Wendy Helene Hodges and our newest contributor Mr Adam Rains of Las Vegas Cocktail Weekly podcast. This being Mixology Made Simple I figured Id leave you with a tasty Champagne cocktail The Ruby Sparkle. Lets make one!

1) We will need a Champagne flute, a jigger with a .75 oz measure and thats it! Now for our shopping list we will need Quady Vineyards Vya dry vermouth, Pom Wonderful Pomegranate juice and a nice dry Prosecco or Champagne. Try for Mionetto, Cupcake or Nicholas Feuillatte.

2) Lets get our amazing Quady Vineyards Dry vermouth and our Pom Wonderful in our glass, .75 oz measure for both. Quady can be tough to find so you can sub Lillet Blanc if you need to. I dig the Quady Vineyards Vya dry vermouth due to its really lush grape (it is made from Muscat grapes) flavor that quickly dries out. Its really a fun addition to any cocktail that utilizes dry vermouth. Give it a whirl in a Martini sometime, it plays nicely with a classic London Dry Gin.

3) Next pop your Prosecco or Champagne and pour slowly into the glass. If it foams up too fast, just stop pouring and allow to settle. Try and pour a very small stream and it should foam up just enough and never bubble over. A tip for serving Champagne and any sparkling wine, unless you’ve won some giant sporting event or feel like wasting money DONT POP YOUR CHAMPAGNE. Its sounds cool but you just waste wine and that is a tragedy;)

4) Now that your glass is full…drink up and Happy New Year from everyone at Mixology Made Simple!

Ruby Sparkle- .75 oz Quady Vineyards Vya Dry Vermouth, .75 oz Pom Wonderful Pomegranate juice and 4.5 oz Dry Prosecco or Champagne.

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