Ginger. It’s whats for Dinner.


by Raul Faria

Domaine de Canton is a ginger liqueur that is used by many Bartenders and Mixologists but by Chefs? That’s the question Domaine de Canton set to answer for everyone with a series of dinners featuring the aforementioned ginger liqueur. Now before I get into the dinner itself lets check out the featured ingredient, Domaine de Canton. This liqueur is made with hand cut Vietnamese baby ginger and Tahitian vanilla bean, honey, organic ginseng, and is a Congac based liqueur utilizing both VSOP and Grande Champagne XO Congacs. It has a bold ginger flavor with delicate, soft vanilla and a smooth mouthfeel throughout with a reemergence of the ginger on the finish.

For the Dinner they presented their guests with a variety of dishes utilizing the ginger liqueur, and we also got to taste what they are best known for. Cocktails! I’ve used Domaine de Canton in a few recipes here on like the Wild Turkey Ginger Julep, Mango Tamarindo and the Spiced Pear Martini  and I have also made a ginger ponzu sauce and even a glaze for chicken with the ginger liqueur. Here is the menu we were served and some pics from the dinner.

The Dinner hosted by Domaine de Canton and produced by the talented Chefs at Blue Ribbon Sushi at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

Amuse Bouche

Iberico Pork– Slow roasted pork belly on butternut squash puree with caramelized onion and a Domaine de Canton teriyaki sauce.

Shinobi– In a mixing glass add 1.5 oz Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, .5 oz Cointraeu, .5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth, 1 oz Yuzu juice, add ice, Shake, Strain over iced rocks glass.


First Course

Sushi Bar Salad– Assortment of Nigiri Sushi paired with seasonal greens and vegetables with a Domaine de Canton Dijon dressing.

The Canton Cobbler– In rocks glass add, 1 oz Doamine de Canton, 5 raspberries, muddle contents, add 1 oz Fords Gin, fill glass with cracked ice, stir lightly.

dc11 copy

Second Course-

Fried Chicken– Togarashii spiced fried chicken served with oxtail fried rice, Chinese broccoli and a Domaine de Canton oxtail dipping sauce.

The Gold Rush– In a mixing glass add 1 oz Domaine de Canton, 1.5 oz of Makers Mark 46, .5 oz of lemon juice, add ice and shake, strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

dc13 copy

Third Course-

Ginger Bread Pudding– Rich bread pudding served with Domaine de Canton caramel sauce and a Domaine de Canton ginger ice cream.

The Canton Breeze– In a mixing glass add 1 oz Domaine de Canton, 1.5oz Kraken Dark Rum, 1.5oz Pineapple Juice, add ice then shake, strain into iced rocks glass.

I would like to thank Crystal Fanale and Steve Heller of Domaine de Canton for putting on such an amazing event, Chef Fernando Sposato of Blue Ribbon Sushi for preparing these tasty Domaine de Canton inspired dishes and to Blue Ribbon’s very own Mixologist Stan Mendoza for the “totemo oishii” (means very delicious in Japanese) Shinobi cocktail. For info on Domaine de Canton click here and next time you’re in Vegas be sure to check out Blue Ribbon Sushi at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.



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