Gin is “Sacred”

By Raul Faria

Do you like Gin? Of course you do! Ok well if for some reason you don’t then I have a place you can start to better understand a) what Gin is and b) the flavors involved in making the spirit unique. I think a lot of people have this impression of Gin as being something that is going to get them sick or that it is some far removed from the norm old-timer spirit. I always hear “Gin? Oh no. I can’t drink that stuff.” or “I just don’t like the taste.” The first issue some people have with Gin I think is inherited from our great grandparents and passed down through the generations and has now almost become an urban legend of sorts in the spirits world. See back during prohibition they were drinking “bathtub Gin” made by bootleggers and mobsters that were not focused on quality distillation, I’m sure. This home distilled and more than likely toxic spirit probably led to its share of sickness, blindness and in the worst cases death. So Gin today (at least in my opinion) is still fighting this whisper in the back of the minds of some as “something that will get you sick” or “something that just affects you differently than vodka” which chemically is just not true. Gin is a neutral grain spirit that is flavored with herbs and botanicals. Vodka is a neutral grain spirit. Whisk(e)y is a neutral grain spirit. You get the picture. So unless you’re allergic to Juniper then its probably just a case of drinking too much and blaming it on great granddad’s orange blossom hangover.

Sacred Gin has come up with the answer to the second issue thankfully. Taste. Some people are just turned off by Juniper dominated Gins, like a classic London Dry. I say to the citrus vodka drinker “How about a citrus infused spirit with lush grapefruit and citrus with a hint of cardamom?” or a spiced rum drinker looking for something a little different and crisper “Caccia Bark (cinnamon), cardamom and angelica”. Sacred Microdistillery is releasing a Gin blending kit which allows you to essentially blend your own spirit. Whether you want to punch up your juniper, or focus and citrus or maybe double down on spices it’s now all in your hands. I think this is a really great opportunity for Gin fans obviously but also for those Gin fans to convert the non believers among them.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to make a custom blended Gin and tonic with fresh grapefruit slice and it was pretty damn cool! I made a citrus and cardamom focused Gin and it was crisp and bright but with enough of the Juniper to let you know you were drinking a proper Gin cocktail. At least for my tastes anyway. Thats the beautiful thing about this kit is that it really does put your tastes buds in the drivers seat…distillers seat? You get the idea. It’s not all about the custom blending as Sacred does distill a signature Gin with its own blend of spices and herbals that are actually based off of notes and recipes from the 1600’s.  The process of utilizing low pressure vacuum technology, distilling each individual botanical separately and distilling in glass as opposed to copper pots or a continuous still really help Sacred set itself apart from the big guys. The benefits of these unique and exclusive processes is that it leads to a bright, crisp and lush spirit. Sacred also makes a Sweet Vermouth that makes a wonderful Negroni and adds a sharper spiced edge that brings a fresh perspective to a classic cocktail. To find out more about Sacred Gin head over to

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