g fifty


by Raul Faria

“g fifty” Sake by Sake One is a Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Sake, by technical definition. However Toji Greg Lorenz and Sake One president Steve Vuylsteke chose to forgo that lucrative premium designation in respect for the Daiginjo Sake they observed being produced in Japan. This is actually fairly common in Japan as well, see when a Kura (brewery) and a Toji (Brewmaster) have an extensive portfolio they may not always choose to showcase the Daiginjo (milled down to a minimum 50%!) milling rate on the label. This is typically done so as to not draw attention away the Daiginjo that the company feels best represent that designation. They will often refer to it as “Tokubetsu” (Special), or simply leave it off the label. “g fifty” is a great Sake produced from Calrose rice. That’s right! The same rice you can find at the supermarket. Simple table rice becoming such an elegant Sake is an amazing achievement and it is also a Junmai Sake and a Genshu Sake (meaning no added water). Pure, clean and complex Sake produced from table rice. Here are my impressions below-

g fifty

Aroma- Earthy white grape, Sauvignon Blanc like, almost a little parmesan note, faint ripe melon.

Taste- Lush pear, apple, and starfruit with a soft delicate mouth feel.

Finish- Clean, with a lingering apple like tannins.

Perfect for pairing for fruit and cheese plates, pasta dishes, grilled meats, fish and veggies. Barbequing this summer? Skip the wine and grab some fifty! Go to Sakeone.com to find out more about “g fifty” and where you can pick up a bottle of this amazing Sake yourself.

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