County Cork Cocoa


by Raul Faria

For Serendipity’s fall menu I created three hot cocoa cocktails to compliment the fun stuff on our cocktail menu. The first of which is the County Cork Cocoa and it is inspired by the classic cocktail Irish Coffee. We combine Jameson Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe and hot cocoa. The secret to Serendipity’s amazing Frozzzen Hot Chocolate is really in its cocoa powder. With its proprietary blend of different types of cocoa powders and that it is also formulated to blend smooth when served cold but also works just as well as a hot beverage really sets it apart from the pack. If you were planning on making a Frozzzen Hot Chocolate then there is no substitute for the Serendipity cocoa powder that is available in packets or tins, but since we are going to be making a hot cocktail we have some wiggle room in choosing our cocoa powder. Ready to make one?

1) We won’t need a lot of tools for this one so lets grab a hot cocktail mug. This is usually stemware, tempered glass with a handle. Sometimes referred to as an Irish Coffee mug. Definitely look for a clear glass mug that can handle the heat and is about 8-10 oz. We will also need a jigger with a 1 oz measure and pan to prepare our hot cocoa (you can also heat it up in a bowl or large mug in the microwave but stirring out the lumps could be an issue). Our ingredients are as follows, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, White and Green Creme de Menthe, Whipped Cream (canned or fresh), white chocolate bar or chips, cream (half and half), whole milk, Chocolate syrup and Hot Cocoa powder.

2) Lets heat up our mug with hot water. Once that’s done Lets add the star of our show, Jameson Irish Whiskey. Jameson is my favorite Irish whiskey with Jameson Gold and Middleton being my favorites in their portfolio. The County Cork Cocoa gets its name from the Middleton distillery located in County Cork Ireland. We will be using the classic Jameson Irish Whiskey due to the fact that it is incredibly smooth and is perfect for blending. Lets get 1 oz into our heated mug.

3) Next up some Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys is a liqueur made from…you guessed it! Irish whiskey. It combines whiskey and stabilized cream (hence no bar on earth having this in a refrigerator or cooler). This is gonna really add some creaminess to our hot cocoa cocktail and compliment our Jameson. 1 oz of Baileys into the mug please.

4) Now lets get 1 oz of White Creme de Menthe in glass. Bols, Hiram Walker and Dekuyper should be easy to find and will do nicely in our cocktail. If you wanna get real fancy you can also use Branca Menta which will provide your mint flavor with some additional herbal flavors that add a fun touch of complexity.

5) Now the Cocoa. I would recommend using Serendipity 3 brand, Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate or Starbucks Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa, but go with something that has a dark chocolate flavor. Prepare the cocoa with equal parts cream (half and half) and whole milk and use about an 1-2 oz of Ghirardelli or Hershey’s Special Dark syrup depending on how much your making. Each Cocoa will have its own instructions but generally equal parts powder to milk/cream blend with syrup will work. Lets heat up our milk blend Lets say 1 cup. Next add in a cup of our cocoa powder and syrup. Whisk while on low heat (don’t burn yourself!). Once blended smooth, give it a taste to be sure its chocolaty, transfer to a tea pot or thermos and then pour from that into our glass. Pan to glass equals disaster trust me.

6) Now top off with whipped cream. You can use canned which is the easiest but melts quickly and can be kinda oily and weird. The fresh stuff is actually pretty easy. Take a cup of heavy whipping cream and a 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and pulse in the blender until you get the desired consistency and boom! Whipped cream. Get the Green Creme de Menthe and drizzle it over the whipped cream by using a spoon. We are just looking to add some green color cuz…ya know…Irish…green…you get it. Plus it looks cool. Now grab our white chocolate bar and hit it with a cheese grater to get some curls over the cocktail or just use some white chocolate chips. I dig the curls though. Next step…Drink up! Slainte! (pronounced Slawn-Cha)

County Cork Cocoa- 1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey, 1 oz Baileys Irish Cream, 1 oz White Creme de Menthe, 4 oz Hot Cocoa, topped with whipped cream, Green Creme de Menthe drizzle and white chocolate curls.


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