Cotton Candy Martini

By Raul Faria

Heres a fun drink I came up with for Serendipity 3’s upcoming cocktail menu. Next time you’re in Las Vegas be sure to drop by the bar and say Hi and try one :). Until then let me show you how to make one.

1) Let’s get our tools together. We are going to need our Boston Shaker (mixing Glass and Tin), Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger with a 1 oz measure and a 10-12 oz cocktail (martini) glass.

2) Lets start by getting our 2 oz of Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka into our mixing glass.

3) Next we add 1 oz of White Cranberry Juice.

4) We are going to need to add .5 oz of Vanilla syrup. Torani or Monin are good store-bought choices but we can also make one ourselves by combining 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of hot water with two vanilla beans split up the middle. Make sure the sugar is dissolved before you add the beans. Add all the ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to a boil. allow to reduce for 5 minutes then let cool. Throw it in a glass bottle and keep the rest in the fridge. Small detour so back to the Cotton Candy Martini!

5) All cocktail glasses should be chilled before you pour the cocktail in. There are two ways to present the Cotton Candy Martini. 1) You can serve it on the side (pictured above) with a pic inserted into the cotton candy itself and have your guest stir the cotton candy in; or option 2) we can add the cotton candy to the glass before we pour the cocktail in. It will disappear into the cocktail and give it its color. Both options very cool. When we chill our glass we need to make sure it is DRY for option 2. So either have it pre-chilled in the fridge or ice it up then dry it off.

6) Once all the ingredients are in the mixing glass add ice and shake vigorously. Slap the Hawthorne Strainer on the tin and pour into the chilled cotton candy anchored glass. Watch as the cotton candy disappears; now its time to drink it!

Cotton Candy Martini- 2 oz of Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka, 1 oz white cranberry juice, .5 oz of vanilla syrup shake strain into chilled 10-12 oz cocktail glass. Either serve cotton candy on the side and have the guests stir it in or have it ready in the glass.


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