Suika Caipirinha aka “Caipifaria”

by Raul Faria The Suika Caipirinha is my contribution to the Leblon Cachaca Pre Gala Bash that took place on May 17th and was held during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in New York City. It’s a fun take on the cocktail classic (and official cocktail of Brazil) the Caipirinha. Utilizing lemons instead of lime and […]

Strawberry Truth

by Raul Faria Strawberry Truth was my entry in the G’Vine Gin cocktail competition this year. It featured G’Vine Floraison Gin which is really FLORAL, and full of herbal notes making it really fun to mix with and its not very Juniper forward which I think helps G’Vine Floraison represent a perfect introduction to the Gin […]

Viva Pisco!

  by Raul Faria I recently had the opportunity to go to a Pisco tasting event sponsored by Kappa Pisco, Hosted by Steve Olson aka “the wine geek” also one of the Bar Smarts Jedi Masters. We got the chance to try a wide range of Pisco in terms of flavor, learn the differences and […]

Brockton Cocktail

  by Raul Faria The Brockton Cocktail was my entry for this years “Shake it Up” cocktail competition that is held at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. This year we were challenged with creating a cocktail from a list of various spirits, bitters, liqueurs and mixers. We were also given a theme “the […]

The Don comes to Vegas…Don Julio that is!

by Raul Faria A few years ago I went on vacation to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. I went to a lot of bars. A LOT of bars and I would always ask the bartender “Let’s do a shot of Tequila. Whatever you want to drink, we’ll do it together. Your personal favorite Tequila.” You […]

The Spirit of St. George

by Raul Faria I was lucky to taste some of St. George Spirits…well spirits:) St George distills out of Alameda California (yep they’re the Hangar One guys) and they have been specializing in artisanal Eau de vie (distilled fruit spirits) since 1980 and are now moving into all spirit categories with that same artisanal vibe […]

Gin is “Sacred”

By Raul Faria Do you like Gin? Of course you do! Ok well if for some reason you don’t then I have a place you can start to better understand a) what Gin is and b) the flavors involved in making the spirit unique. I think a lot of people have this impression of Gin as being […]

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