Ganbei! Interview with Derek Sandhaus

by Raul Faria During Tales of the Cocktail last year one seminar sold out fast, really fast. It was the first seminar to sell out and it wasn’t gin, bourbon, Japanese whiskey, it was all about baijiu. Thankfully we got the chance to speak with Derek Sandhaus of the blog 300 Shots at Greatness and […]

For the Love of Cocktails

By Raul Faria For the Love of Cocktails was one of the biggest, most fun events in Las Vegas I’ve ever taken part in and this year it is going to be even bigger with seminars featuring world renowned mixologists like host Tony Abou Ganim, Dale Degroff, Francesco Lafranconi and Bridget Albert, Meet the MGM […]


by Raul Faria The Amazonarita is my entry in this year’s Margarita Festival. It was inspired by my recent trip to Brazil. I chose Çedilla, an açai liqueur as my modifier and my sweet is a reduction of the incredibly popular, in Brazil, Guarana soda with a little agave. The 16 teams of Mixologists were […]

Little Water and the Modern Mixologist

by Raul Faria Vodka, once the darling of the American bartending world from the late 70’s to the early 2000’s due to its versatility is now mostly relegated to $500 bottle service or an afterthought to be mixed with red bull by those not familiar with the spirit’s subtle flavors. Still immensely popular by the […]

Live Love Leblon

by Raul Faria I received the opportunity to visit the Leblon Cachaça distillery in beautiful Patos de Minas, Brazil. Leblon Cachaça has been a favorite spirit of mine for a long time and we’ve used it in many of our most popular recipes like the Garden Smash and Suika Caipirinha. It has a big fresh flavor with […]

MMS live at Jack Daniel’s Distillery

by Raul Faria Since 1875 Jasper Newton Daniel has been making whiskey in the great State of Tennessee. He was dedicated to his brand he dubbed “Old #7” and his dedication led his whiskey to become the highest selling American whiskey in the world. Jack Daniel’s Old #7 is now sold in over 160 countries and its iconic […]

The “L” Word

by Raul Faria I created the “L” Word cocktail for a charity event put on by Backbar USA benefiting Tony Abou Ganim’s Helen David Relief Fund that benefits Bartenders affected by breast cancer. It was called “For the Love of Cocktails” and it tasked 14 Mixologists to create a cocktail themed around love and Valentines Day featuring 14 […]

What is Mezcal?

  by Raul Faria Mezcal is treated by those uneducated in spirits and a large portion of general consumers as the stuff with the worm in it. I’ll be the first to tell you that the stuff with the worm has nothing to do with Mezcal and everything about selling garbage to ignorant tourists looking […]

Booze School

by Raul Faria The Academy of Spirits and Fine Service put on by Southern Wine and Spirits is focused on booze and everything about it. As simple as that explanation sounds you will spend a few hours each week tasting and learning about what I just said, booze. The who, what, why and where of Spirits, from Bourbon vs […]

Ginger. It’s whats for Dinner.

by Raul Faria Domaine de Canton is a ginger liqueur that is used by many Bartenders and Mixologists but by Chefs? That’s the question Domaine de Canton set to answer for everyone with a series of dinners featuring the aforementioned ginger liqueur. Now before I get into the dinner itself lets check out the featured […]

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