God save the Queen

by Raul Faria God Save the Queen was created with the people who are on the fence about Gin or even the Gin doubters in mind. This cocktail is something that I would recommend to a Cosmopolitan drinker (a real Cosmo not a crappy roses lime or bottled sour mix one, blegh), a Lemon Dropper […]

Smokehouse Rusty Roy

by Raul Faria I like Bacon. I think most would agree with that statement. I also like drinking. If you’re reading this article I’m gonna go ahead and assume you would agree with that statement as well. With these two things in mind I would like to introduce you to the Smokehouse Rusty Roy. It’s […]

the Pirates Maiden

by Raul Faria This was the second cocktail submission in the Cointreau Ambassador of Libations competition. Our next challenge was to create a cocktail inspired by St. Tropez and the first thing I thought of was Pirates. A little Jack Sparrow, a little bit of the actual historical rum trade of the tropics and what […]

Suika Cooler

by Raul Faria Suika Cooler is a cocktail I had created for this years Finlandia competition. I really dig this cocktail because it is one of those drinks that you could just throw back without even realizing there’s booze in it. It’s so refreshing you feel like your just drank a really light and fruity […]

Happy New Year!

by Raul Faria Goodbye 2012 and hello to an exciting 2013! Look for new posts from yours truly of course but also our lovely Wendy Helene Hodges and our newest contributor Mr Adam Rains of Las Vegas Cocktail Weekly podcast. This being Mixology Made Simple I figured Id leave you with a tasty Champagne cocktail […]

Seven Samurai Sunrise

by Raul Faria This cocktail was my entry for the very, very fun Cointreau Ambassador of Libations competition where we were tasked with coming up with two cocktails, one being inspired by a silver screen Cannes film classic and the second being inspired by St Tropez. This week we are gonna make my movie cocktail […]

Pumpkin Spiced Eggnog

by Raul Faria Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum, more specifically Cruzan Black Strap rum! The Pumpkin Spiced Eggnog is a really tasty cocktail that will definitely put you in the Holiday mood… especially after two or three of these babies. The best part is that it’s super easy to make. So get […]

The Bad Girl Drink

by Raul Faria Well, I was pretty pumped about this cocktail when I came up with it for a music inspired cocktail competition….sadly, Appleton Estates didn’t feel the same way. Some you win, some you lose, but still a damn good drink if you ask me. The competition was fun to participate in and the cocktails […]

County Cork Cocoa

by Raul Faria For Serendipity’s fall menu I created three hot cocoa cocktails to compliment the fun stuff on our cocktail menu. The first of which is the County Cork Cocoa and it is inspired by the classic cocktail Irish Coffee. We combine Jameson Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe and hot cocoa. The […]

Spiced Cherry Manhattan

by Raul Faria The Spiced Cherry Manhattan cocktail was created for the Woodford Reserve Ultimate Manhattan Competition put on by the always amazing people at Brown Forman and hosted by the equally rocking folks at Wirtz beverage. It was a really fun competition with amazing cocktails from some of the best mixologists in Las Vegas. […]

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