by Raul Faria                 The LowLita is my entry in this years Auchentoshan “the switch” cocktail competition. For more info on the competition and to vote for the LowLita click here. Now when  creating a cocktail you usually begin with an inspiration from the base spirit, a liqueur or an ingredient like say a fruit, an […]

Suika Caipirinha aka “Caipifaria”

by Raul Faria The Suika Caipirinha is my contribution to the Leblon Cachaca Pre Gala Bash that took place on May 17th and was held during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in New York City. It’s a fun take on the cocktail classic (and official cocktail of Brazil) the Caipirinha. Utilizing lemons instead of lime and […]

Strawberry Truth

by Raul Faria Strawberry Truth was my entry in the G’Vine Gin cocktail competition this year. It featured G’Vine Floraison Gin which is really FLORAL, and full of herbal notes making it really fun to mix with and its not very Juniper forward which I think helps G’Vine Floraison represent a perfect introduction to the Gin […]

Brockton Cocktail

  by Raul Faria The Brockton Cocktail was my entry for this years “Shake it Up” cocktail competition that is held at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. This year we were challenged with creating a cocktail from a list of various spirits, bitters, liqueurs and mixers. We were also given a theme “the […]

The Nashville Lemon Sipper

by Raul Faria The Nashville Lemon Sipper was my entry for the Las Vegas Cocktail Classic that was held at Surrender Nightclub during this years NCB show. I created the cocktail itself right around the time Jack Daniels first introduced Jack Daniels Honey and I put it on the menu at Serendipity 3. I was inspired […]

Cranberry Red Paloma

by Raul Faria My entry for the Don Julio competition this year was the “Cranberry Red Paloma”. We were challenged with reimaging a classic Mexican cocktail while utilizing ingredients from our hometown area. I chose to go with the Paloma, a classic Mexican cocktail that is combination of Tequila and grapefruit juice or grapefruit soda. […]

Sake Mimosa

by Raul Faria I really dig the Sake Mimosa; it’s my fun, easy to make twist on a classic. My favorite part of the cocktail is that it utilizes Sparkling Sake. Sparkling Sake is a great substitute for Champagne and sparkling wine either in cocktail recipes or simply consumed by itself in a Champagne glass. […]

Mango Tamarindo

by Raul Faria Mango Tamarindo was my entry for Les Vergers Boiron’s “Battle for the Cup” competition. I chose to focus my cocktail on Boiron Mango Puree. It is inspired by the way Thai Cooking utilizes Mango and a Spicy Tamarind soda I had while vacationing in Mexico. The Goal was to create a Tropical […]

Spanish Tea

by Raul Faria The Spanish Tea cocktail was my winning (pats himself on his back) entry in a contest Korbel Brandy was holding. I was inspired by Tea and Brandy, the classic Hot Toddy and the vanilla notes I found in the Korbel V.S.O.P. Gold Reserve Brandy. I chose to zero in on those vanilla notes […]

Captain Crunch Cocktail

  by Raul Faria Last year I attended the Bar and Nightclub convention and was introduced to RumChata, which is a Horchata spiced rum. Horchata is a rice/grain porridge beverage popular in Latin America and Spain that can carry a pretty funky flavor and texture. The RumChata itself tastes like cinnamon toast crunch (stay tuned […]

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