Carter Raff of Bummer & Lazarus GIn

By Adam Rains Carter Raff is living the American Dream. As master distiller and founder of Raff Distillerie, Carter is doing what he loves in the city that he loves, San Francisco. He’s riding a wave of a craft fervor and making a difference. Not only enticing and delighting the palates of Californians, he’s bringing the […]

Exodus of Flavor

by Adam Rains This was first Published as a 2 part article in the October/November 2013 issues of Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional It was the 1950’s and freedom was in the air. America had won the war. Even with a partially manufactured rivalry with Russia, we were still riding high. On top of […]

Le Savage

by Adam Rains A Corpse Reviver Revival…? Come to the Gordon Ramsay Pub and try this play on a classic; w/Rogue Gin, fresh Tarragon & Meyer Lemon, With a touch of Pernod and a Vanilla Tarragon simple… C’ya there! — at Caesars Palace. It might sound obvious, but always use what you have. Working in […]

Resurgence of Rye

  So one request that you will hear at most bars these days are for a classic American spirit, Rye Whiskey; yes, American Rye Whiskey. So, if we’re going to talk about Rye whiskey’s resurgence, first we have to set a ground rule. While Canadians may like to refer to their style of whiskey as […]

Star Eyed Monkey

Star Eyed Monkey: Citrus season is upon us and as always, we should do our best to use “freshness of the season” to tantalize (and titillate!) our guests. Here is another cocktail that uses citrus, rum and a little touch of the exotic to achieve this noble goal. The inspiration of this cocktail is one […]

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