Captain Crunch Cocktail



by Raul Faria

Last year I attended the Bar and Nightclub convention and was introduced to RumChata, which is a Horchata spiced rum. Horchata is a rice/grain porridge beverage popular in Latin America and Spain that can carry a pretty funky flavor and texture. The RumChata itself tastes like cinnamon toast crunch (stay tuned for that recipe) out of the bottle. The rep for RumChata was combining it with Three Olives Loopy to make a fruit loops cocktail. Boom! My mind went spinning with cereal cocktail possibilities. A couple weeks later I was eating Captain Crunch cereal one day and said “Ya know what? There’s a cocktail in here” The Captain Crunch cocktail is all about fun, so bust out your PJ’s grab a Thundercats, GI Joe, Transformers, TMNT, Jem, Justice League or cartoon series of your choice and lets make ourselves a Captain Crunch Cocktail:)

1) Lets get our tools together; we will need our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne Strainer, jiggers with a 1 oz, .75 oz, and .5 oz measures, and a 7-10 oz chilled cocktail glass. Optional tool; spice grinder. Our shopping list will include, whipped cream vodka, Bols Advocaat,  Baronjager, RumChata, ½ and ½ or Coffee Mate, honey, sea salt, and of course don’t forget the commander of the cereal kingdom’s maritime forces…Captain Crunch.

2) First we need to take care of some prep work. Lets get 3/4 cup of Captain Crunch cereal and a ½ teaspoon of sea salt into the spice grinder and blend until finely ground. If you do not have a spice grinder feel free to smash the cereal in a lewis bag or in a clean dry cloth over a cutting board, once smashed blend in the sea salt. We will be using this mixture to rim our glass. Next we will need to prepare our honey syrup if you don’t have any in the fridge. Simply take 50/50 honey and water and stir until blended. I prefer a 60/40 honey blend but the 50/50 mixture is the standard. So now let’s make sure our cocktail glass gets put into the fridge or freezer ahead of time, this will make it easier to rim the glass than using the ice and soda method. Next let’s get out two plates and in one pour out our Captain Crunch and salt mixture and in the other some of the honey syrup. Place the top of the cocktail glass into the syrup (be sure to keep the sticky stuff on the outside of the rim) and then follow up by running it though the Captain Crunch mixture in the same manner creating a neat clean Captain Crunch rim. Set aside and let’s start building our cocktail

3) Time for 1 oz of our whipped cream vodka. Feel free to use the brand of your choice but I like using Pinnacle and Smirnoff myself.

4) Add .75 oz of Bols Advocaat. Advocaat is a liqueur made with eggs…yep, an egg liqueur. This is actually really fun to mix with as it adds a creamy texture and has a light egg noggy flavor. This stuff can be hard to find in stores but is readily available online.

5) Next we will add .75 oz of Baronjager honey liqueur. This is a fun liqueur that is perfect for a hot toddy, great to pair with Bourbon and fresh lemon or when looking to switch it up, can be subbed for Cointreau or triple sec.

6) Now let’s get .5 oz of RumChata in the mixing glass. This is the aforementioned Horchata flavored Spiced Rum with notes of cinnamon toast crunch.

7) Lets get .5 oz ½ and ½ or better yet use Coffee Mate. Its non dairy and provides the some texture as cream.

8) Grab that honey syrup we made earlier and add .25 oz (just eyeball half in the .5 oz jigger or use two barspoons full) to our mixing glass, add a pinch of sea salt, add ice and shake. Slap on the Hawthorne Strainer and pour into our chilled Captain Crunch rimmed glass. Garnish with 5-6 pieces of Captain Crunch (just float them in the center of the cocktail) and serve with a small spoon. Enjoy.

Captain Crunch Cocktail- 1 oz whipped cream vodka, .75 oz Barenjager, .75 oz Bols Advocaat, .5 oz RumChata, .5 oz ½ and ½ or Coffee Mate, .25 oz honey syrup. Shake/Strain into Captain Crunch rimmed cocktail glass and garnish with 5-6 pieces of Captain Crunch floated in the center.


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