Breakfast on the Rocks


by Raul Faria
I created Breakfast in the Rocks for the Rock and Roll cocktail competition put on by Dewars Highlander Honey, Cocktail City Las Vegas and Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio. I was inspired by the honey flavor I found in the Dewars Highlander Honey and was especially impressed at how smooth and subdued the sweetness was. I tasted the scotch, and a slight peaty note as well as the smooth honey flavor. I zeroed in on that faint peat note and wanted to pair it with salty, smokey bacon. Along comes Mama Walkers Bacon Maple. This provided a fun way to have bacon in the cocktail and add the breakfasty maple flavor too. So in our cocktail we have bacon, eggs, coffee creamer, Oj and of course scotch, all solid breakfast staples 🙂 Wanna learn how to make one?

1) First let’s get our tools together; we will need our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne Strainer, a Jigger with a 1 oz and a .5 oz measure,  our Citrus Press, a Double Old Fashioned or large Rocks Glass. Our shopping list will include Dewars Highlander Honey, Mama Walkers Maple Bacon Liqueur, Orange Juice, Coffee Mate Original, Egg Whites, Pre Cooked (preferably smoked) Bacon, Honey and Oranges. We will also need a Sheet Pan, Silpat or Aluminum Foil, Measuring Cup and a Microplane or Fine Zester.

2) Let’s get our prep out of the way-

Orange Dewars Highlander Honey Glazed Bacon Strip- Preheat oven to 325. In a sauce pan add 2 oz of Dewars Highlander Honey, 1/2 cup of honey and the fine zest of two whole oranges. Heat on medium to high until it reaches a boil. Allow to reduce on low to medium for about 7 minutes. Allow to settle and cool. Set aside for later. Get a sheet pan out and either line it with a Silpat or Aluminum Foil. Lay out our pre cooked bacon. Grab our newly made glaze and brush onto the top of the bacon strips. Place glazed bacon into pre heated oven for 10 minutes. Place bacon on a perforated surface, like a wire rack, to cool off. The bacon should now have an almost candied glaze and not be too sticky. Set aside for garnishing.

3) In our mixing glass let’s begin by adding our .25 oz of Egg Whites. The tricky .25 oz measure can easily be done either eyeballing the .25 oz using our .5 oz measure, using two barspoons or purchasing a jigger that contains a .25 oz measure.

4) Now let’s get our Orange Juice in the glass. We will need 1.5 oz. Remember those Oranges we just made for the zest? Let’s juice those. Slice them up and place them in our Citrus Press and squeeze. Optionally, we can utilize our double strainer to remove the pulp from the juice. If you need more juice, just add a 100% juice like Naked Juice or Simply Orange.

5) Let’s add .25 oz of Coffee Mate Original to the glass. Non Dairy and breakfasty. Why not?

6) Time to add the 1.5 oz Dewars Highlander Honey which is made from Dewars White Label Scotch and Honey from Bees located at the Aberfeldy Distillery in Scotland.

7) Next up is our 1 oz of Mama Walkers Maple Bacon Liqueur. This is a 70 proof liqueur so its tastes like bacon and maple, plus, it’ll make you happy 🙂

8) First we will “Dry Shake” our cocktail. Slap the tin on the mixing glass and shake WITHOUT ICE. This is called a dry shake. It will help develop the foam we want for the cocktail. Whenever a cocktail contains egg whites (which is responsible for the foam) we should always dry shake first. Now we will add ice to our mixing glass and shake! Strain into our chilled, iced, Double Old Fashioned or Rocks Glass. Slide in our crisp Orange Dewars Highlander Honey Glazed bacon strip and enjoy your breakfast.

Breakfast on the Rocks- 1.5 oz of Dewars Highlander Honey, 1 oz Mama Walkers Bacon Maple Liqueur, .25 oz of Egg White, .25 oz of Coffee Mate Original, 1.5oz of Fresh Orange Juice, Dry Shake, Shake and Strain into chilled Double Old Fashioned or Rocks Glass. Garnish with Orange Dewars Highlander Honey Glazed Bacon Strip.


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