Baileys Chocolate Martini


by Raul Faria

The Bailey’s Chocolate Martini Cocktail #24 in our mission to recreate all the cocktails in the Joy of Mixology by Gaz Regan. We are no stranger to dessert cocktails here at, for example our original cocktails Cotton Candy Martini, Captain Crunch Cocktail and the Caramel Apple Martini. They are super fun to make but often times when made wrong can run too sweet and run the risk of being undrinkable. Sweet to heat balance is key to creating a great dessert cocktail. The Baileys Chocolate Martini is pretty straightforward and is a good building block foundation on which to create your own versions and open that box of crayons :). Let’s make a Baileys Chocolate Martini!

1) Lets get our tools together; we will need our Boston Shaker, our Hawthorne Strainer, a 10-12 oz cocktail glass, a Jigger with a 1 oz and a .75 oz measure. Our shopping list will consist of Baileys Irish Cream, Dark Crème de Cacao, Vodka and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses.

2) We can begin by adding the namesake ingredient, our .75 oz Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys Irish Cream has flavored versions to try out in this recipe like Caramel, Hazelnut, Coffee and Vanilla Cinnamon.

3) Next add the .75 oz Dark Crème de Cacao. Bols and Marie Brizard make a great Dark Crème de Cacao and Hyram Walker and Dekuyper are solid standbys.

4) Now we will add our 2 oz of Vodka to the glass. Here is another opportunity to play, try a strawberry vodka, or caramel, or whipped cream…you see where this is going. The possibilities for this recipe are vast. Play!

5) Lets add ice to our mixing glass and shake. Strain into our chilled 10-12 oz cocktails glass and garnish with a Hershey’s Kiss. Enjoy

Check out our video walkthrough of the Baileys Chocolate Martini on our YouTube channel here.

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