Artillery Punch



 by Raul Faria

Cocktail #18 in the Joy of Mixology book by Gaz Regan is the Artillery Punch. I love punch due to its simplicity as a party solution. When you have a party and you wanna make some great cocktails you spend most of your time refreshing glasses, making stuff in the kitchen and generally not being able to hang with your friends. With A bowl of punch you can serve your guests a great cocktail easily and quickly or the guests can even serve themselves, either way you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the party with your friends. Now for our professionals, a punch is also a great large party solution. Lets say your restaurant or Bar has booked a large party or group, serving a punch can be a great solution to get through that initial push at the beginning of the event, allowing you to get a drink in everyone’s hands in a timely fashion. With Punch you get to serve your guests great cocktails and actually get to talk to them in both settings 🙂 See perfect party solution for the professional and the home bartender and its as easy as dumping stuff in a bowl. The trick to a great punch is the balance between sweet, heat and sour…and maybe some spice. The Artillery Punch is pretty straightforward and easy to make so I would strongly recommend inviting some friends over and having a Punch party. Ready to make your own bowl?

Lets get our tools together; we will need a jigger with a 1 oz measure, a measuring cup and a wine key. For our prep we will need a Cutting Board, Pairing Knife, Citrus Press and a Double-Strainer. For our serving needs we will need a punch bowl, ladle and punch glasses. Now the shopping list is gonna be a 750 ml bottle of Rye Whiskey, a 750 ml bottle of Red Wine, Dark Rum, Gin, Brandy, Benedictine, lemons, oranges or 100% orange juice, 12 bags of black tea or prepared unsweetened iced black tea, sugar, and a block of ice

1) Begin by getting out our punch bowl and setting in the block of ice. If your particular block will not fit in the bowl you can trim it down with a clean serrated edge knife, some warm water, an ice pick and a mallet. To trim, make sure your block is secure and will not move around. Score a line with the serrated edge knife and saw back and forth. once you get about an inch in, run some warm water over the block, insert the ice pick into your saw line and mallet the pick into it. it should get a fairly clean split. If you want a perfect cube then its gonna be all about how deep your saw line can get. If you’re really into it you can go buy a saw, sanitize it and only utilize it for this purpose. Block ice can typically be purchased at a supermarket or gas station and will provide the temperature and the necessary dilution. We will be pouring all our ingredients over the block ice to assist in the aforementioned temp and the dilution.

2) Now lets get it started by adding our 6 oz of lemon juice. Utilize our citrus press and be sure to run it through the double-strainer to catch any pulp or seeds. Since we will be cutting lemons to squeeze juice lets make sure we cut a few lemons worth of slices to garnish our punch.

3) Next up lets add our 25 oz of black tea. The black tea can be done two ways, the first way is to get 12 black tea bags and brew it, cool it, and pour it in. This will yield a more bold. full tea flavor but is a little more time consuming and depending on the brand of tea may be a bit tannic. The other option is to buy unsweetened iced black tea. This option yields less flavor but is easier and less tannic. So each has its ups and downs but the brewed method is more true to the original cocktail as I doubt they had ready made iced black tea in 1958.

4) Time to grab our 12 oz of fresh orange juice. We have another crossroads of flavor vs expense and time. Fresh or “fresh” Oj. So you can buy a bunch of oranges, squeeze the juice, run it through a double-strainer and you will get the best possible flavor, however its not cheap and its kind of a pain in the ass. If you get Naked Juice or Simply Orange brand 100% Oj its a lot cheaper and waaaay easier. The difference in flavor is noticeable but not extreme. So if you have the time and a good juicer go for the fresh stuff, if you don’t have those things then go bottled.

5) Lets get our 6 oz simple syrup into our bowl.  Simple syrup is just like it sounds…simple. 50/50 water to sugar. I prefer to use a 60/40 ratio of sugar to water, bring it to a boil, then allow it to cool. The latter will be a little sweeter but I dig the thicker syrup for texture and body. Now that all our citrus and sweet is in, its booze time!

6) Now we will add our bottle of rye whiskey. This means “Rye Whiskey” not Canadian Whiskey. Buillet Rye, Knob Creek Rye, Jefferson Rye, Templeton Rye and you can go with Old Overholt which is what we used in the video.

7) Next up lets add our bottle of red wine.

8) We are going to need 12 oz of Dark Rum into our bowl.

9) Lets add our 6 oz of Gin.

10) Now lets get our 6 oz of Brandy in.

11) Next up will be the secret ingredient, our 1 oz of Benedictine.

12) Finally lets give it a stir, add our lemon slices and serve some punch!

Check out the Mixology Made Simple YouTube Chanel here for a video walkthrough of Artillery Punch.

Be sure to pick up a copy of “the Joy of Mixology” book by Gaz Regan and visit and sign up for his always entertaining and informative newsletter.

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