Apricot Fizz


by Raul Faria

the Apricot Fizz is cocktail #15 in our mission to recreate all the cocktails in the book “the Joy of Mixology” by Gaz Regan. It’s a pretty straight forward, low alcohol cocktail. This drink like any other drink really, lives or dies by ingredients and procedure. You will absolutely need fresh lemon, premium soda water, good ice and chilled glassware. The most important variant in our formula is the Apricot Brandy itself, so shopping around for best available brand is really going to affect the overall cocktail flavor. See here’s the tricky thing with Apricot “Brandy”…it’s not often a “Brandy”. When people think of Brandy they think of a wine based distillate from grapes like Christian Brothers or Korbel, but Brandy can also be made out of different fruits and it’s typically referred to as eau de vie. In the best case the Apricot eau de vie or liqueur is made from distilled apricots and apricot kernels and some may be blended with Congac, its less desirable siblings but more common are the neutral grain spirit based “Brandies” that are flavored with natural or artificial Apricot flavoring. I recommend the Rothman & Winter Orchard Apricot Liqueur and Marie Brizard Apry along with Bols Apricot Brandy. I chose to use Hiram Walker for this article and the video as it is the most common behind a bar and the easiest to find in a store. It’s of the flavored brandy category and while it can be cloyingly sweet sometimes it at least utilizes actual apricots in its production and is a reliable fallback option. Let’s make an Apricot Fizz.

1) Lets get our tools together; we will need our Boston Shaker, A Hawthorne Strainer, our Citrus Press, our Barspoon, a Jigger with 1 oz, .75 oz, and a .5 oz measure and we will need a 8-10 oz Collins or Cooler glass. Optional tool will be a Double-Strainer to catch the lemon pulp and seeds. Our shopping list will include Apricot Brandy, Lemons and Soda Water.

2) Lets begin by adding our .75 oz fresh lemon juice to the mixing glass. We can do this by using the citrus press and squeezing the lemon directly into our jigger or we can pre-batch our lemon juice and run it through a double-strainer to catch the pulp and seeds.

3) Next let’s add our 2.5 oz of the Apricot Brandy to the mixing glass.

4) Now we will add ice to the mixing glass and shake. Strain into our chilled, iced Collins or Cooler glass.

5) Top off with soda water (I prefer Perrier, Fever Tree or Schweppes) and give a quick, light stir with your barspoon to distribute ingredients. Enjoy!

Visit our YouTube channel for a video walkthrough of the Apricot Fizz here.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Joy of Mixology and visit gazregan.com.

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