Apple Martini


by Raul Faria

The Apple Martini is #13 in our mission to recreate all the cocktails in “the Joy of Mixology” book by Gary “Gaz” Regan. Now I’m sure all of you out there have had or at the very least are familiar with the Apple Martini. The recipe in the book is a little different than what you’re used to, see this recipe has no sour mix, two ingredients, no cherry garnish and no shaking. It’s a big difference in flavor, its way more mild, dryer and a bit less tart. Gaz also has this listed with either gin or vodka. The Gin version I really dig as you get some of the fun botanicals playing with the tart apple pucker. We are gonna do the vodka version since we just did the gin based “an Apple a day”. Lets make an Apple Martini!

1) First lets get our tools together; we will need the mixing glass portion of our Boston Shaker, our Hawthorne Strainer, a barspoon and a jigger with a 1 oz measure. Our shopping list is pretty straight forward, vodka and Apple Pucker.

2) Lets begin by adding 1 oz of Apple Pucker (Sour Apple Schnapps) to the mixing glass. Bols, Dekuyper, and Hiram Walker are good, solid and easy find options.

3) Now lets add our 2 oz Vodka. Go with what you dig!

4) Time to add our ice to our mixing glass and stir. Yep, stir. Its all spirits so the general rule of thumb is to stir.  Once we get our desired temp and dilution, slap the Hawthorne Strainer and strain into our chilled cocktail glass and enjoy:)

Check out this recipe on our Youtube channel here.

Be sure to pick up a copy of “Joy of Mixology” book and visit Gaz’s site and sign up for his always entertaining newsletter.

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