An Apple a Day


by Raul Faria

An Apple a Day will keep the Doctor away…or lead to some drunk texting old exes. #11 in our mission to recreate all of the cocktails in Gaz Regans “The Joy of Mixology”. This cocktail could be easily dismissed as a gin sour apple martini on paper but the creator of this drink, Mixologist and “Libation Goddess” Audrey Saunders, was able to add a brightness with the use of grapefruit juice and a touch of herbal sophistication with the use of the Maraschino. Simply put it is a elevation of the simple Sour Apple Martini. It takes it away from the too sweet, too tart territory to the land of bright and citrusy with a mouthwateringly, puckery, but slightly complex finish. Let’s make one!

1) Lets begin by getting our tools ready; we will need our Boston Shaker, a Hawthorne Strainer, a Jigger with a 1 oz, .75 oz, .5 oz, and a .25 oz measure (or two barspoons will make a ,25 oz measure). Now we will also need a citrus press, a paring knife and if you wanna get fancy a double-strainer. Our shopping list will include Gordons Gin, Apple Pucker liqueur, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, limes, grapefruits, simple syrup and for our garnish some Maraschino Cherries.

2) Lets get all our prep done beforehand. We will start with the limes, simply cut them in half, throw the halves in the citrus press and squeeze them into the mixing glass portion of your Boston Shaker. Be sure to put a double-strainer over the top of the glass as you squeeze the limes. Set your juice aside and do the same thing to your grapefruits. Cut em and squeeze em. If you need to make simple syrup then simply combine 50/50 sugar and hot water, stir until dissolved, allow to cool and set aside for later. I like using small plastic squeeze bottle or the glass O and V dispensers with the pour spouts to store syrups and juices. Makes measuring your pours a breeze and stores easily.

3) Lets begin with our first citrus element .75 oz of our fresh lime juice. FRESH. No concentrate crap in that little plastic lime shaped bottle. Boo!

4) Next up let’s add .5 oz of grapefruit juice.

5) Moving right along we will add .5 oz of simple syrup.

6) Gin time! Let’s get 1 oz of Gordons Gin in our mixing glass. Now the book specifies Gordons Gin, however I would say use what you got. Gordons is a fine brand I’m sure, but why not play a little with the base spirit and see what flavors come through all the other sour, sweet and aromatic notes in this cocktail.

7) Now let’s get 1 oz of Sour Apple Pucker. Bols, Dekuyper and Hyram Walker should be readily available and are all solid choices.

8) Now we will add our .25 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. This is an Italian liqueur made from Marasca Cherries, pits and all. It has the distinctive long neck, straw covered bottle and an equally distinctive funky flavor also a key ingredient in the classic Hemingway Daquiri.

9) Now that all our stuff is in the mixing glass, add ice and shake! Strain into chilled 7-10 oz cocktail glass and garnish with Maraschino Cherry. I usually add the cherry beforehand and then strain into the garnished glass. This way you can place the empty but garnished glass in front of your guest and pour it right in front of them. Enjoy!

Check out our YouTube Channel for An Apple a Day here.

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