by Raul Faria

The Americano is the 10th cocktail in our noble quest to recreate all the cocktails in “the Joy of Mixology” book by Gary “Gaz” Regan. The Americano is a refreshing, herbal, bitter and lush at the same time cocktail that is perfect for unwinding on a hot day, preferably in a café in Italy somewhere buuuut if like me you don’t have a private jet at the ready, flip on the travel channel and make yourself a drink.

1) Lets get our tools together, for this cocktail we will need a jigger with a 1.5 oz and a 1 or 2 oz measure, a barspoon and 10 oz old fashioned glass. Our shopping list is pretty light, all we need is Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Oranges and soda water.

2) Lets start by getting our 1.5 oz of Campari into the iced 10 oz old fashioned or rocks glass. Campari is an aperitif that carries a very distinct herbal and bitter citrus flavor. It is essential in the classic cocktail the Negroni. We’ve used this stuff quite a bit in past posts like the Bad Girl Drink and the Suika Cooler.

3) Now let’s add our 1.5 oz of Sweet Vermouth into our 10 oz old fashioned or rocks glass. I used Carpano Antica Formula in this recipe. It’s my personal favorite, with lush herbal characteristics that really punch up the flavor in a Manhattan, Negroni or wherever Sweet Vermouth is called for. We used this stuff in our recent post about the Smokehouse Rusty Roy.

4) Lastly add 2 oz of soda water to the glass. I used Fever Tree brand soda water which is a premium brand mixer designed to be used in cocktails. Perrier is also another solid choice as both have a lot of effervescence. You can also pick up the little bottles of Schweppes at the supermarket but skip the 2 liter, it’ll go flat. Now that the soda is in the glass, give it a quick light stir with the barspoon and garnish with an orange peel slice. Be sure to “snap” or “twist” the oil over the cocktail. Enjoy!

Check out our YouTube Channel for the Americano here.

Also be sure to pick up a copy of “the Joy of Mixoogy” by Gaz Regan and visit and sign up for his always entertaining newsletter 🙂

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