Algonquin Cocktail

Next up in our quest to recreate all the cocktails in “the Joy of Mixology” book by Gary “Gaz” Regan This is a pretty straightforward, easy cocktail to make. It’s a very well-balanced whiskey cocktail. It has enough going on with the addition of the dry vermouth and pineapple juice to cool off the heat of the straight rye and at the same time allow the distinct crispness of rye to present itself in a more subtle way. We will be stirring this cocktail as opposed to shaking. When this cocktail is shaken its flavor is weak, flat and just plain yucky. Stirring the cocktail allows you to mix the ingredients, get the proper temperature and avoid allowing too much dilution. The general rule of mixing is that cocktails composed of mostly spirits are stirred such as Manhattans and the Martini, whereas cocktails made with juices, egg whites and heavy liqueurs are typically shaken such as the Cosmopolitan and the Daiquiri. James Bond got it wrong baby! Let’s make a nicely stirred Algonquin Cocktail shall we.

1) Lets get the tools we need together first. Boston Shaker (mixing glass and tin), a Jigger with a 1.5 oz/.75 oz measure, Barspoon, Hawthorne Strainer and a 10 oz cocktail (martini) glass.

2) Begin by taking the tin part of our Boston shaker and setting it aside. We wont need as we will be stirring this cocktail but I wanted to reinforce that the Boston Shaker is composed of the two components Tin/Glass. Ok now grab your jigger and add 1.5 oz of straight rye whiskey. Rye whiskey is whiskey made from….you guessed it, rye. American rye whiskey is at least 51% rye in order to be called rye whiskey. Strangely but due to historical reasons Canadian whiskey is often referred to as rye. The Canadian government however does not set any rules in regards to the rye content so sometimes the actual whiskey will only contain a fraction of rye. Ah well, anyway back to the drink making.

3) Next add .75 oz dry vermouth. When choosing dry vermouth go French and sweet go Italian, thats the standard but for dry vermouth I think the Vya Extra Dry Vermouth from Quady Vineyards in the good old USA is the best in town. USA! USA! USA! ahem back to work.

4) Finally .75 oz of pineapple juice.

5) Add ice about two-thirds full and stir until chilled. Stirring believe it or not can be tricky. You do not want the ice to break of little chunks and you do not want the cocktail to become overly diluted. Begin by carefully inserting your barspoon into the SIDE of the glass. Try and stir along the sides. This pretty much will happen automatically if you hold the barspoon between your thumb and your first two fingers and pull back and forth. It’s hard to describe on paper but you’ll see what I mean once you start stirring. Stick to the sides, don’t go nuts and stir til its cold.

6) Strain stirred cocktail into chilled 10 oz cocktail (martini) glass. Enjoy!

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