By Raul Faria

The Alexander is #346 in the Joy of Mixology book by Gary “Gaz” Regan On paper this cocktail sounds…well…hmmm…interesting? Ok gross. It sounds gross, but surprisingly it is actually really interesting. Not interesting in the fake nice way either but in the fun “ooh this is interesting” way. The spiciness of the Gin comes through the sweetness of the chocolate and the smoothness of the cream. Very crisp, clean, spicy, herbal, but at the same time mellow with a touch of sweet chocolate. Sounds interesting? Lets make one!

1) So we will need our Boston Shaker (mixing glass and tin), a jigger with a 1 oz measure, a Hawthorne Strainer and a 10 oz cocktail glass.

2) The recipe calls for a Dry Gin. The London Dry Gins will work best at what I believe this cocktail is trying to do. The spicy, herbal awesomeness of the gin gets mellowed out a bit by the chocolate and the cream. Not muted but those edges are softened just enough. Very fun. Lets get 2 oz of London Dry Style Gin in our mixing glass. I used Brokers Gin in this particular recipe. Very zesty, lots of pine/juniper on the nose and pretty spicy.

3) We are going to use 1 oz of creme de cacao white.  I used Gionelli because it’s all I could find at the time. I would have preferred Dekuyper, Hiram Walker or Bols.

4) finally add 1 oz of 1/2 and 1/2, ice and shake vigorously. Slap the Hawthorne Strainer on our tin and strain into our chilled 10 oz martini glass. Enjoy!



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