Alabama Slammer

By Raul Faria

From the book the Joy of Mixology by Gary “Gaz” Regan we have The Alabama Slammer. This easy cocktail has many variations but we are going to start with the core recipe listed in the book. Once we get that down we can open our “Box of Crayons” and play:)

1) Lets get all our tools together we are going to need our Boston Shaker (mixing Tin and Glass) a jigger with a 1 oz measure and a 10 oz collins glass.

2) In our mixing glass lets put 2 oz of our “as fresh as possible because the fresher the better” Orange Juice.

3) Next up we have our Southern Comfort. Lets get 1 oz in there. Southern Comfort or “SoCo” as all the cool kids call it, is a liqueur made with Whiskey, fruit and spice flavorings.

4) Add 1 oz of Amaretto. I chose Disaronno which has the trademark bittersweet almond taste yet has no almonds in its production and claims its recipe dates back to the early 16th century.

5) Now for the Sloe Gin. It’s not a Gin but is sometimes Gin based with the Sloe Berry flavor. Sloe berries are kinda like tart little plums that grow on bushes known as Blackthorn, Hawthorn or Sloe bushes. Most now are made from neutral grain spirits with sloe berry flavoring added but brands like Plymouth make Sloe Gin with actual Gin and utilize a more traditional method of flavoring which leads to a more complex and layered flavor. Go for Plymouth and if you can’t find it go with whats available (like I had to).

6) Add ice two-thirds the way full and shake with our boston shaker. Once the tin is cold to the touch lets pour it into an ice filled collins glass and serve. Enjoy.

I like to make this cocktail with vodka and making it a long drink. A long drink is usually served in a cooler glass, maybe 12-16oz. something to sip on. If I simply added vodka to this recipe it could come off to “Hot” (meaning strong or harsh) so we need to adjust our measures to address the heat and the size of the glass. I would probably go 1 oz on all the liquors and also up the OJ to 3 oz. The sweetness of the OJ should help put out the fire and the extra ounce we put in will fill up our long drink glass. Lets throw in an Orange Cherry flag (a cherry picked to an orange wedge) Garnish. What kind of Vodka you ask? Well we could do straight vodka but since we are playing with a big box of crayons let’s try and orange vodka to turn up the volume on that OJ flavor, or we could do some Vanilla flavored Vodka to hang out with that Amaretto. personally I love to make this cocktail with Blackcurrant flavored Vodka. Absolut Kurant is easier to find then the unavailable in the US but vastly superior Finlandia Blackcurrant (I had to get mine online).


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